What % tomboy am I?

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  • 1
    Your hair is:
  • 2
    You exercise:
  • 3
    You swear:

  • 4
    You have been mistaken for a boy:
  • 5
    Are you graceful?
  • 6
    You love wild gardens.

  • 7
    How funny do you find fart jokes?
  • 8
    If someone hits you, you:
  • 9
    How much of a tomboy do you think you are?
  • 10
    Do you consider yourself to be wild?

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737 days ago
mine says I'm 60 % tomboy dudes ...........is that good?
807 days ago
Goofy but fun test. Thx! I'm normal
860 days ago
It's says 50 percent for me which means I'm totally boyish
876 days ago
So in my last review I swore and I guess that’s not aloud so it added an emoji to cover it up and out of all emojis they used this: 🐬

If you didn’t see it, it basically just said: this is 🐬.
876 days ago
So apparently I’m a “wannabe tomboy”. Bull😘. I reckon this needs more answers and instead of “YES OMG” and “EW NO WAY” maybe something more settle. “Nah” or “nope” would be fine. I spend about 5-6 hours a day practicing footy (football) and I’m a “wannabe”? What is this 😘? Unaccurate.
884 days ago
accuret enough
0000000000000000000000000000000000 000
937 days ago
100% tomboy.. I'm lesbian and look like a boy, so I get mistaken as a boy a lot!
1043 days ago
1052 days ago
Wannabe tomboy? I am really sad. It is totally true. Any suggestions on how to be more boyish? C'mon pals! Help me out!
1061 days ago
Nope not correct I will never be ladylike even if called on, I wore a freaking black jumpsuit to a wedding
1074 days ago
Please tell me what your results are! I want to do a study on what % of girls are tomboys, normal girls, girly girls etc. Thanks in advance!
1092 days ago
Please comment! I took the time to make this quiz and give people my opinion, so please take a minute out of your day and tell me how accurate it was, and what you would like changed. Please make me smile!
1124 days ago
girly side of normal. love makeup never wear pants or shorts
1126 days ago
I’m 50% Tomboy so right in the middle
1130 days ago
1160 days ago
1224 days ago
For 100% you are: Total tomboy!

You love video games and live, eat, and breathe sport. You have short hair and hate make-up. you don't have a ladylike bone in your body and you sure ain't graceful! Nothing in the world could ever change you. Almost no girl is acctually as boyish as you. You are a TOTAL TOMBOY FOR SURE!
Is super true!