The Ultimate TOMBOY TEST!

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Discover the TRUTH! Are you a "TOTAL TOMBOY," an "ABSOLUTE GIRLY-GIRL," or perhaps in-between? Find out now!

  • 1
    You would rather:
  • 2
    Would you rather do ballet or kickboxing?
  • 3
    What are you wearing right now?

  • 4
    Are you stronger than most other kids in your class?
  • 5
    Have people ever mistaken you for a boy?
  • 6
    Do you like going to the mall?

  • 7
    Your grandmother is buying you a new watch. What style do you pick?
  • 8
    Do you have many pets?
  • 9
    How long is your hair?
  • 10
    Your pal says, "Wow, you look like a boy." What do you say back?

Comments (98)


1246 days ago
Rude!!!! This quiz didn’t have enough questions. These ppl don’t know me at all! I’m a tomboy but I have my girly parts. What do you you mean by DONT call yourself a tomboy?!?! I don’t like this at all
Here are my results:
You are coming close to the tomboy end of normal.
You are a bit of a tomboy sometimes but still have nice manners and wear dresses. You probably like blue and sports enough and your usual hair-do is a pony tail but are still not considered to be a actual tomboy, you just have some of the traits. you also have the odd spa day and have probably read 1 or 2 girly books. You can certainly play video games and get dirty but also do your nails and hair and even wear a little makeup on occasion if you mom tells you to. You are 50-65% tomboyish. Just DON'T call yourself a tomboy.... cause wannabe tomboys are the worst.
Just rude!! ):(
1251 days ago
My test results describe me perfectly! I enjoy sports ,have medium long hair ,love shopping and read lots of different genres of books,I am half tomboy and half girly girl
1251 days ago
i dont wear makeup and i dont do my nail what((navy) never i would never ever wear nail polish
1253 days ago
i was a tomboyishy girl
1253 days ago
this quiz is really accurate it got me perfectly right and thanks for the great quiz :) :) :) :) :) :)
1258 days ago
well i suppose you can wear dresses to church or somthin' like that
1258 days ago
look i ain't trying to get mad but wanna bet now what in heck a tomboy finna do with some makeup (might as well say go grab some dolls)
1277 days ago
You are a .... TOMBOY! 
You are boyish and fun! You like nasty jokes and getting dirty as well as boxing and video games and are cool! You rarely wear dresses and like blue and pants! You love to get dirty and are sorta one of the boys yourself. you are not fond of pink and will run for your life from makeup of any sort! You are 70-90% tomboy! You also probably don't have the best manners in the world. Pretty pretty please comment as I really want to know what people think of my quizzes. Yay I guess
1281 days ago
jesussss these comments are cringy
1293 days ago
bro this test says I am close to tomboy but still wear dresses, have spa days, wear make-up, do my nails. WHAT? Where did you get this information? None of this is true! And I have only read like 5 girly books, it was when I was like 6. This test gives false information! It says I'm a tomboy wannabe -_-
1335 days ago
OMG I am a tomboy !!! I actually always new I was but just making sure 😋😋😋😋😳😁
1337 days ago
this quiz was phenomenal it got everything right about me
1358 days ago
I keep on getting tomboy. GOD MADE ME THIS WAY
1366 days ago
1387 days ago
Ok I am sort of both it was right but it said that I wear dresses NO NEVER I HATE DRESSES LOL but I do care about how I look lol and get RID of the ads their were blocking my view of the quiz and now my comment to lol
1402 days ago
I an somewhat tomboyish but still have good manners.
1404 days ago
Okay, so i'm a normal girl! Great!
1405 days ago
good test
1422 days ago
Well, I couldn't rlly identify with the questions, but I tried to answer them as close to me, as I could and I was extremely surprised (but in a good way) with the result (which I COULD identify with)
1439 days ago
I am kind of a tom boy but not completely and I absolutely hate dresses !!!!!