Are you vsco soft girl or egirl

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Vsco soft girl or egirl

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123 days ago
SOFT GIRL!! I actually thought i was gonna be a vsco girl but it said soft girl and im actually happy about it!
319 days ago
I’m a soft girl💜💜and a little bit emo girl 🖤
369 days ago
I’m a softgirl💅🏻 I wanted to see because I’m really like Vsco girl to and softgirl so I wanted to see which one I am.:0
378 days ago
im a egirl yay i guess
460 days ago
Yeah im a e girl !!!!!!
596 days ago
Every other tests i did. And got egirl or vsco lolol finallly a test thats not broken. im 100% soft girl
630 days ago
im a softie, nice(efuchsia))
633 days ago
Im a soft girl, I was expecting that def.
633 days ago
I am a soft gurl ofc :)
649 days ago
im an egirl duh
668 days ago
I'm vsco girl

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Are you vsco soft girl or egirl

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670 days ago
soft girl i knew it :D
679 days ago
e girl all the way :..... maybe because i am a scorpio.... my freinds say im an e girl this test says it too
719 days ago
II’m a soft girl
719 days ago
I’m a Soft girl I knew it ✨👀
724 days ago
🪴I already knew this but ✨Ima soft girl DUHHH✨
749 days ago
I got Egirl 👌🤭😈
760 days ago
i got vsco even tho i don't know what an e girl is
761 days ago
i got egirl !! i thought it would be soft girl but oh well
784 days ago
I got vsco! Not bad, i could be a soft girl but oh well.