Are you Emo, Scemo, a Wannabe, or going through a phase?

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  • 1
    Please don't kill me but... favorite color?
  • 2
    Do you listen to Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Avion Roe, etc.?
  • 3
    Do you self harm?

  • 4
    Do you dye your hair or add in a streak or two every once in a while?
  • 5
    Do you wear skinny jeans?
  • 6
    Are all emos in the LGBT+ community?

  • 7
    What do you think of the clothing/hair style emo's wear?
  • 8
    What do you want to do when you see cuts on other people's wrists?
  • 9
    Almost there my friends! If you were placed in a room and 3 objects were placed in front of you, which would you notice first/want more?
  • 10
    Last question! Yaayyy *pops a party popper* Oops... *brushes some confetti out of your hair* Last question. What do you think your results will be?

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74 days ago
Emo is kind of an alternative, and it's by choice. Some people may think all emo people do self harm but it's not true, emo can be anything the world of human beings make it. Emo people aren't all LGBTQ+, people just get those ideas from things they see on the internet like, Roblox, TikTok, and more! And some people are kind of..wannabe emo's because some people think all emo is just self harm and saying dark things and also dressing gothic or dark, then they think that's cool. It's kind of dangerous being emo especially because people think it involves self harm! Please, do not be encouraged to do self harm or take drugs!

-Genesis Cruz Rodriguez
385 days ago
Cutting is not an emo thing. Not all LGTBQA+ people are emo, nor do they have to be. This is spreading stigma surrounding people who enjoy a certain style. Either way, I consider myself gothic Lolita with a mix of yami kawaii.
588 days ago
@liviyah → NONONO. Emo is NOT a fashion statement. Some emos are depressed and it’s dangerous. So NONONONONONONOOOOO ITS NO FASHION STATEMENT.
588 days ago
Ok yea I got 80% emo.
But the thing is that not all emos cut and are depressed. It says I’m emo, but I’m a pretty happy kid who makes way too many cringey jokes. I just like dark colors and I like the band MCR.
I also have had a pretty difficult past, and I feel insecure about it (I had cancer when I was four) and I just want to express my emotions. But Like I said, emo isn’t just about being depressed.
621 days ago
Emo's are not depressed people who self-harm. Learn more. Don't you think you might be hurting the actual depressed people and the people who actually self-harm? Depression is a real mental illness and self-harm is a real problem. Stop making it seem like an 'emo' trend. It's not true let alone a tiny bit funny. It's a disgrace and disgusting that maybe more than 80% of the whole world's population think emo's are just depressed people who self-harm.
678 days ago
I got 80% Emo. I guess my friends were right..?
742 days ago
All emos don’t cut. And I’m kind of upset with this quiz for making it seem so. It’s not cool. You should not copy others. Like what the heck..
977 days ago
Oh look, 90 percent emo. And thus the prophecy comes to be.
1005 days ago
According to this quiz, I'm 60% emo. Oh-
1033 days ago
Are you Emo, Scemo, a Wannabe, or going through a phase?

For 40% you are: You are pretty much a scemo and slightly a wannabe. Nothing TO traumatizing has happened to you. Don't worry, I still love you c:
14% of 10767 quiz participants had this profile!

Not sure what a scemo is, but I'm not a wannabe either. I'm just mental in the head you see? Depression and anxiety and fears... Yes
1295 days ago
liviyah- it's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish.
1357 days ago
1674 days ago
70% anyways who else did this while in bed at 1:19 am?
1764 days ago
cat hat in french chat che po in spanish hes a gato in a sombrero
1799 days ago
I got emo wannabe, im as emo as 💑 gets, may not look it,but trust me
2243 days ago
What the heck? So all of the sudden all emos are dark souls who cut themselves. It is a music choice, SOMETIMES a fashion statement. And to be honest, if you asked an emo their thoughts on cutting, 90% would say it's terrible.
2431 days ago
Ever heard of the emo trinity