Are You Emo?

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Do you wonder if your emo? I am, and I want to help other find out if they are emo or not.

  • 1
    Are you depressed? (I know all emos are not, but some can be.)
  • 2
    What do you wear on a daily bases?
  • 3
    Which of theses bands do you like the most?

  • 4
    Do you cut? (I know this is stereo typical, and all emos don't cut)
  • 5
    Do you have supportive friends?
  • 6
    Are your parents/guardians supportive?

  • 7
    Are your sibling supportive?
  • 8
    Do you think your emo? (Doesn't effect your score)
  • 9
    Do question your purpose, or life's purpose?
  • 10
    Are you laid back?

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442 days ago
Ok I took this just to test how accurate it was and all I saw was bs . IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED IT DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN YOU ARE EMO. You could have serious mental health issues and stereotypes like this stupid one are not helping in any way
545 days ago
This is some bullshi. The test are called "Are you emo" but half of the questions asks how emo you are. And if your friends and family are supportive, the test was to find out if you were emo.
653 days ago
Are You Emo?

You could be classified as emo, but your not fully emo.

I'm not Emo, Just depressed... I sure need to visit the GP again.

I don't want to die, but there are things in this life that makes me want to die... Oh dear...
791 days ago
NANANANANANANA I GOT EMO WOW I'M LIKE SO SURPRISED!!! (now excuse me as I go sob over MCR's breakup :()
927 days ago
Don’t die, everybody.
961 days ago
I kinda knew after I started listening to *Such Gold* . but I had to double check. Good quiz tho. I could answer honestly

1121 days ago
I’m 100% emo...I’m ok with that..i need to meet new people
1183 days ago
1188 days ago
im ljust low key emo i guess. i stan P!ATD and reall like TØP but i dont really wear black clothes or want to die (actully i kinda do but not really). maybe im just in a good mood cause the hiatus looks like its ending and pray for tge wicked is coming
1198 days ago
Wow I didn’t really expect my results. Thanks for the help!
1212 days ago
I’m everything emo apart from the cutting so that kinda affected my score by not picking it, maybe don’t do so many questions on the depression and self harm, cuz that’s definitely not all emos
1217 days ago
I'm not emo honestly,or well I don't look like I am.I don't want to wear tight black clothes and stuff,I love emo bands and alot of older 70s bands too.i do dress a whole lot different than most girls,im talking older brother hand me downs.i love the way i am and i dont care what anyone else thinks of me,i dont care if they judge me cause one day i will show them all!
1270 days ago
I'm not emo but if I wanna Change I could and no one would judge me...I hope not I could be Emo but I'm not!
1298 days ago
Ok test I liked it but it was like one of those tests where like you can tell by the question what they think you are because it is really obvious by the question. Ex: do you hate god?
I got almost but I don’t really give a f
1303 days ago
My friends aren't very supportive-but I don't give a 🐤 on what they say,I can do what I want with my appearance
1319 days ago
'You are definitely emo, no doubt about. Depressed, you cut, the whole shebang.'Yeahhh.. my girlfriend is trying to help me stop cutting and I think it's going pretty well so far but I still do it when my parents make me feel like absolute dog poo.
1336 days ago
I disagree with this (and life) but it said im not fully emo...... cuts say differently
1349 days ago
What's really the point of life anyway? To spend it wandering an infinite nothingness?
I'd kill myself but there's no point. What's the point of killing yourself? What's the use of being happy. Nothing really why do anything?
1350 days ago
I got almost... I hate my life, I wasn't mean't for this place..
1352 days ago
im 100% im full emo but so what no one cares my life is a mess my existence is questioned why was i born? anyone know where the nearest death cause is? im going to commit suicide