Do you hang out with the wrong crowd?
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Do you hang out with the wrong crowd?

Do your friends belong in a mental hospital? Or does your boyfriend/girlfriend drive you crazy? Take this quiz and find out!!

Question 1:Do you describe your friends as
devil worshippers
crazy and scary
normal, nice people

Question 2:Do you describe your boyfriend/girlfriend as
sexually active
shy and quiet
just like you

Question 3:What is your friends room like?
painted black with black lights
white...white..and more white!
decorated with poster

Question 4:How many times does your boyfriend/girlfriend call?
5 times...a day
once a week
3 times a week

Question 5:What TV show is your favorite?
Dawson's Creek

Question 6:What kind of TV show does your friends like?
Dawson's Creek

Question 7:What does you and your friends usually talk about?
Talking...what's that?
Disgusting things that make you want to throw up!
The latest movies, gossip, and music

Question 8:What type of dates do you and your girlfriend/boyfriend usually go on?
The local crack house
Bongey jumping
The movies and dinner

Question 9:When do your friends usually go to parties or have parties?
Once a week
Once every couple of week

Question 10:What do you and your friends usually do on Friday nights?
Go to the local library
Go to the movies or mall

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