What group do you fit in?
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What group do you fit in?

Are you a goth, punk, prep, or individualist? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:Where do you buy most of your clothes?
Abercrombie and Fitch, Limited Too, Rave
Hot Topic, Gadzooks, The Dungeon
Pacific Sunwear, or the colored clothes from Hot Topic
Wherever I find something I like

Question 2:What is closest to your fave group/singer?
NIN, Korn, Godsmack, AC/DC, Kiss
Blink 182, Green Day
Anything with a good message and a nice back beat
Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet BoysAnything

Question 3:What are you doing at 3 in the morning during summer?
Doing whatever I feel like doing
Talking on the phone or the internet with my friends
Torturing animals in my basement
Sleeping....like NORMAL people

Question 4:Do you tend to hang out with people like you?
We wear the same clothes, but we have different personalies.
My friends...wait, I don't have any of those. What are they and where can I find them?
We all have the same closet!
We wear whatever we feel like, and don't judge others by their clothes

Question 5:If you were in the mall, would you get on a bus and go somewhere else if you got bored?
Hell yes!! Sounds like fun!
Only if the rest of my friends went, too.
Why the hell would I be at the mall??
Yea..if I felt like it

Question 6:Does anyone ever mistake you for one of your friends?
Sometimes, but only because we look alike.
No. I don't socialize, so that's impossible.
Yea, but I don't know why...
No, because I don't look like someone else.

Question 7:If your best friend said they were moving, what would you do?
Cry for hours at a time, and throw them a big goodbye party
Say, NO WAY!! I'm gonna miss you, and then get a group of friends together before they leave
What best friend?
Vibe to a sad CD with them and go somewhere before they leave

Question 8:If you heard that your boy/girl friend was cheating on you with your friend, what would you do?
Run to the bathroom and cry, then break up with him/her and find someone new
Confront them, and ask them about it
Torture them till they apologized, then kill them
Tell them that if you heard it again, you'd break up with them

Question 9:Do people often call you a freak?
No, cutie is more the term I hear.
Yea, all the time, but THEY are the freaks
No, because the last person that did, died as a result.
Sometimes, when I dress a little differently than normal.

Question 10:Do you watch TV?
No, it's overrated.
Yea, morbid shows or rock music videos
Yes, I can't believe I almost missed TRL yesterday!
Yea, whenever I find something interesting

Question 11:Do you know who says, Fuck you guys, I'm goin home?
Yea...that dude on that cartoon!! Oh I can't think of it though.
Yea, but only because I hear it from the table behind mine at lunch all the time.
Yea, Cartman...South Park is awesome

Question 12:Do you own any baggy clothes?
Yea...it's all I wear.
Yea, but I don't wear only baggy clothes
Yea, but I hardly ever wear them
NO! Isn't that like a sin??

Question 13:If you and a friend argue over something, what usually happens in the end?
We hug and say Let's never fight again!
We don't talk for a while, but then figure it out b/c of friends
I never talk to them again
I'll kill them if they won't let me win.

Question 14:Do people talk about you?
I don't know, and I don't care if they do...I like myself.
Yea, but it's always wow she's so hot!
Probably, but I don't care, I'll just kick their ass later.
No, because I kill people who do

Question 15:Why are you taking this?
I'm bored
I don't have anything better to do with my life...
Because I'm lonely and I don't know where I belong
Because it's fun!

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