What Kind of Group Do You Hang With?
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What Kind of Group Do You Hang With?

Everyone has best friends but what category to the fall into?

Question 1:When you go out (on the town), how do you all meet?
You meet at a predetermined location
You physically go and get each other, until the group is formed
You eventually meet up, but you did not set a exact place to meet

Question 2:You have all met at a friends place, are you all basically doing the same thing.(playing poker, drinking,drugs,or something else)
All different
The same thing some, a couple of people might be doing something different
Were all doing some activity together

Question 3:You and your best friend are approached by some people you both know who are (drinking, or drugs) and they're trying to pressure you into it. You were planning to do something different that night. How do your friend respond?
Come on! Lets go drinking/drugs instead.
I'll do what ever you want to do
No, not tonight we got something else planned

Question 4:Think about your friends friends
I know a few of them
Most of them are my friends too
All my friends friends are my friends

Question 5:On an average weekend how many different faces do you hang around with?
A few
Exactly the same
Nearly a different group

Question 6:Your group are planning a big weekend. Are you included the the primary plans?
Not really
Most of the time

Question 7:A bunch of friends say they're are coming to get you. Do they.......
Show up a little late and not completely ready to go
Either late early or not at all
On time right down to the minute

Question 8:You say you are going to get your friend/friends, are they.......
are not there or weren't expecting me
After a little wait, they're ready
Waiting by the door

Question 9:You are getting beer picked up, but something does wrong and it is not picked up or is lost what happens?
a few beer from your buds come your way
looks like I'm sober tonight
Everything is shared up evenly

Question 10:You have big plans but something comes up that they must attend to. They will be out later but too late for your plans. What happens?
Wait until they're ready and then go out
Help out in any way possible
Make other plans

Question 11:Everyone has BIG plans including you and your best bud, but something comes up and you can't make it at all. What happens to your bud?
he's screwed (up the creek without a paddle)
He gets in on some other plans
he already had other plans

Question 12:Your best friends suddenly have girlfriends and you don't, they plan to get together. What happens?
Are invited sincerely
Oh well you got other plans
Out of pity they invite you

Question 13:You finally get your license/car who is the first to climb aboard when you go for a drive
all close friends
Close friends some of your friends friends
People I never seen before

Question 14:Think about most of the events that go on in your group are you
usually no where near them
In the thick of it
There for most of the incidents

Question 15:Do you get the inside jokes
Not really
Some of them

Question 16:Everyone is going to a cabin or out of town and there are only so many rides
End up left behind
I have to scramble to find a ride
got shotgun

Question 17:You and your best friend are going out on the town are you.......
often separated by a distance
never to far behind
close all night

Question 18:Above situation, your bud is going to go some distance away, what does he do?
Look for me if I'm close
End up saying we lost each other the next day some where
Look for me all around

Question 19:You are play fighting with a friend when there is a accident and your punch hits its target what happens?
Nothing but I might be subjected to a few pranks or playful insults or tormenting
we continue play fighting but you get hurt a little more than usual
He/she really tries to hurt you but they know its a accident

Question 20:Finally, when your at a party who are the people around you?
My usual group
Mostly friends but a few people I don't really know
Mostly strangers

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