Are you a poseur?
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Are you a poseur?

If you don't know what a poseur is you should take this test anyway, and find out. If you do, don't lie when you take this test!

Question 1:   Think of your clothes. Select the answer that is most true about them.
There are a few things that's in style.
I hardly see anyone in my class with a shirt that I have.
They're pretty in check with the latest style.

Question 2:   Is your style now different then your style was last school year?
Just a little bit.

Question 3:   Which singer do you like the least?
Christina Aguilera.
Avril Lavigne.
Britney Spears.

Question 4:   Do you have a different style now then what you did in the beginning of the year?
Maybe a different style shirt/pants.

Question 5:   When you've changed your style, did you change your personality? ***BE TRUTHFUL!
No, I'm still the same person.
No, I tried raising a good character trait though. Such as: nice
Yes, but just a little.

Question 6:   If you were punk, would you wear a necklace or bracelet that said "Punk"?
No! Way to weird, you'd be showing off that you're punk!
No, it's cheesy to have something saying your style.
Yeah, that is pretty cute.

Question 7:   Does your style have a celebrity with that same type of style?
No, not too much anyway.

Question 8:   The cutie your crushing on has multiple shirts of a shoe brand that he has. You've always that they were O.K. You:
Don't buy the shoes, that's to weird, plus, I don't like them that much so...
Buy, the shoes if I like him and he'll like him, THAT'S GREAT!
Don't buy those things. I'm not gonna show off.

Question 9:   Which store have you bought more clothes from FOR YOUR RECENT STYLE.
Sears or Target
My recent style hasn't been bought from any of those stores.
Gadzooks or Pacsun

Question 10:   Accessories are:
needed only when I feel like it.
what finishes an outfit.
hardly worn on my bod.

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