What are you categorized as?

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Are you popular? Punk? Jock? Normal? Nerd? Take this test to find out

  • 1
    You have just been assigned a big project at school that's due in two weeks. How do you handle it?
  • 2
    Tryouts for the school talent show are next week. What are you doing for an act?
  • 3
    Your favorite thing to shop for would have to be:

  • 4
    What would your reaction be if a new kid came to school?
  • 5
    What is your favorite type of music?
  • 6
    Favorite color?

  • 7
    What is your favorite subject?
  • 8
    How would you describe your group of friends?
  • 9
    How would you describe YOURSELF?
  • 10
    What would your dream job be?

  • 11
    You idolize people who are:
  • 12
    What flower would you be and why?
  • 13
    (If you are a girl then answer this question for you. If you are a boy, then answer this question for one that you would want to see on a girl of your "type") Which dress would you pick?
  • 14
    What kind of candy would you be?
  • 15
    It's your birthday. What are you doing for your party?

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