Sorority Life Assessment

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How you feel about your sorority life

  • 1
    When you walk into a room full of members of all ages in your chapter, you
  • 2
    When you compare how excited you felt on bid day and as a new member, compared to how you feel now, you
  • 3
    The number of girls you would feel comfortably approaching for help, a favor, just to talk, etc. per class (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors) is

  • 4
    When you think about your role in Delta Gamma, you
  • 5
    Your feelings on having a leadership position in this chapter (now or in the future)
  • 6
    When you are listening to a member (position or no position) speak to the chapter and they are raising their voice and being a little rude, you...

  • 7
    When you think about your attitude towards philanthropic events, you
  • 8
    How strong of a sisterhood do you think we have?
  • 9
    At any time, whether an event is taking place or not, how comfortable do you feel walking into the Deeg as if it were your own home?
  • 10
    If you saw one of your sisters making a poor decision (ex: going out too much, blowing off grades, talking about another sister, etc) you would...

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