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What Subculture Are You In?

Ever wondered what subculture you are a member of? Or if you are part of one at all? For the purposes of my quiz, you can be punk, Goth, Emo, Scene, or normal. Find out which one you are now. P.S.: For now, this 'What alt subculture am I?' quiz is intended for females, but I will look into making it more gender neutral, as some have commented you would like to see.

  • 1
    When do you wear makeup?
    When do you wear makeup?
  • 2
    What palette (color) is your makeup, mostly?
  • 3
    Mostly, your hairstyle consists of which of these?

  • 4
    Currently, your hair is what color(s)?
  • 5
    Your everyday outfit usually consists of which of these?
  • 6
    Which of these accessories do you tend to wear?

  • 7
    Thoughts on piercings?
  • 8
    Do you ever wear clothes made for the opposite gender?
  • 9
    You like to spend your free time doing which of these?
  • 10
    Do you get offended easily?

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Comments (11)


258 days ago
A little confused why theres not a yes option for do you typically wear clothes for the opposite gender but ok
408 days ago
I'm gonna be honest. This test is pushing stereotypes and way too many questions have answers that most of my friends and I don't find although we are either punk or grunge.
510 days ago
i think it's so funny that the options for "do you wear clothes that "belong to the other gender"" were all basically no except for "sometimes" like i dont care what gender companies give to my clothes. if something is cool i'll wear it
540 days ago
Got goth. Then emo: Im punk but the quiz was still fun
541 days ago
kinda thought there would be more than just like 5 options or 6 i didnt count but goth-? thats what i get confused for a lot but i thought i'd be grunge or sm :/
551 days ago
Im a female but why is this for literally one gender can it be like- for all genders and some females wear mens clothing a lot not just sometimes or not at all :(
647 days ago
Im literally dressed in all black with makeup on and it called me normal I just came here to help figure where u belonged I-
693 days ago
No option for no make up, no option for i wear a lot of androgynous clothing. Very unbalances
724 days ago
Maybe make this more gender neutral?
989 days ago
Guess this isn't a quiz for guys as there's no option for "I never wear makeup"
1488 days ago
Wow I'm a plain Jane. But at least I don't need a subculture to define me.