What do your classmates think of you?

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You may think you're a class clown, or a beauty queen, but are you really? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are in history, and the teacher, Mr. Browne, is rambling on about some old war. What are you doing?
  • 2
    In Maths, you have to get into groups of 5, but your friendship group consists of 6 friends. There's you, 4 awesome friends, and one girl who you don't really like too much. Your teacher says one person has to leave the group. What do you do?
  • 3
    Describe your friendship group.

  • 4
    You get paired up with your crush in an activity. What do you do the whole session?
  • 5
    Truth or dare?
  • 6
    Someone accidentally pushes you, and doesn't apologise. What do you do?

  • 7
    How do you solve people's problems?
  • 8
    You turn up to school, and you realise that you are wearing your hideous pajama pants! How does everyone react?
  • 9
    Out of the jobs listed below, which one would you most want to do?
  • 10
    You are awesome!

Comments (13)


7 days ago
Everyone bullies me at school... but this quiz says Im the nicest person ever..... WHAT??!
152 days ago
Of course I got hated. After all no one likes me right? Hell, no one even knows if I exist. If I'm lucky I would get annoyed or bullied by the pieces of *****. I just want to become cold hearted. No one would even want to talk to a cold hearted monster like me. I'm cold hearted because I got bullied. I don't even care if I'm hated and I'm used to it. Why did I even exist? I'm a freaking leech, parasite, and a pathetic freak. Heck I'm so hated that I don't even have ONE friend. Someday I hope I could die soon. Because no one likes a person like me. I guess that's why the entire world hates me. In return, I don't care about anyone and I hate everyone. In fact, the world isn't cupcakes and rainbows, it's a disgusting world and it's all on humanity. Humanity is so freaking evil. :)
300 days ago
Class clown and nice person. I aint popular, but i do try to hang with my cousin's friend (boys) as i am a tomboy and try my hardest to be noticed-
326 days ago
50% hated 30% "nice" guy 20% clown.
334 days ago
OMG 😮 I am AMAZING 😉 I am a Beauty Queen 👸🏾, Class Clown 🤡, NICEST PERSON EVER 👍, I am also the Queen B 👑
381 days ago
i have proved that i am a pathetic faliure that deserves to die in a hole.
539 days ago
Um, you can be popular and be nice at the same time, that's some stereotypical bs.
569 days ago
Actually almost everyone hate me or don't even know I exist. Soo... "The nicest person ever"??? I don't have many true friends and in my group I feel like being the third wheel... This makes me so sad! I mean nothing to no one out there. The only good friends I've got are miles away from where I live. I sometimes feel I've gotta run away, but this is tottaly crazy...
623 days ago
40% the NICEST person EVER
30% neutral
20% hated
10% class clown
657 days ago
I'm ''the nicest person ever''? glad to hear that it was confirmed by this online quiz that has no knowledge whatsoever about my status at school! lol. Though i'm nice to everyone and chit chat with both girls and guys, no shame or awkwardness. I'm a pretty confident person mostly and i have nothing to hide ... except for a few things of course. I have only 1 bestie and basically hang out with different groups of people because.. idk i fit in. I'm easily adaptable. Cool life.
1005 days ago
1748 days ago
I'm either loved or hated. How does that work out, someone tell me that.
1829 days ago
everyone hates me!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah