Are you a groupie?
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Are you a groupie?

Are you a groupie?

Question 1:You're going to a rock concert. What do you wear?
Just jeans and a t-shirt. Who am I going to dress up for? The band? Get real!
Jeans and maybe a low cut shirt. A little cleavage never hurt anybody.
A tank top and mini-skirt, yeah baby!
A see-through black shirt with hot pants and knee high boots. Strippers have excellent fashion sense.

Question 2:You spot one of the band's roadies scooping the audience for girls to bring backstage for the band. You:
Continue watching the show.
Try to keep an eye on the roadie so if he comes near your way, you can ask for a pass.
Try to look as sexy as possible, that way you'll be hard to miss!
Lick his face and whisper in his ear all of the naughty things you'll do to him if he gives you a pass.

Question 3:You got backstage! Yay! You:
Look around for the band members to ask them for their autographs and maybe a picture or two.
Try not to pass out. Omigawd! I'm backstage with the band!
Take a few deep breaths and mingle as best as possible.
Undo another button on your shirt.

Question 4:Everyone else is told to take a hike but you've been invited to hang out with the band back at their hotel. You:
Say, 'Nah, I've gotta get back. It's really late. Thanks for the autograph though.'
Faint and lay on the floor unconscious.
Smile and accept their offer.
Say, 'Why do we have to go back to the hotel? Lets get naked right now!'

Question 5:You're at the hotel and everyone is just sitting around enjoying some drinks. You notice that your favorite band member is giving you THE LOOK. You:
Frown and say, 'Why are you looking at me like that?'
Begin shaking and are convinced that you're about to have an epileptic seizure.
Play with your hair and smile. I can flirt too, you know.
Jump on the band member's lap and lick his face.

Question 6:How many intimate partners have you had?
I'm a virgin.
One or two. They were bad mistakes though.
I've had a few partners.
I've had too many to count!

Question 7:Who's your favorite Sex and the City character?

Question 8:What's your favorite source of entertainment?
Video games.

Question 9:Which dessert?
Ice cream.
Apple pie.
Chocolate cake.
Peaches and cream.

Question 10:You think Britney Spears is:
A complete idiot. She should really practice what she preaches.
I don't care enough about her to have an opinion.
I think she's pretty cool.
She's my idol!

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