Personality Test For Teens👧🏻

In need of a personality diagnosis? These 10 easy questions will help teens determine their personality type. NOTE: You'll get the most accurate results if you answer all questions honestly. Answering to get the result you want is discouraged.
Take this personality test for teenager now.

  • 1
    You are in line at your school's snack bar. Someone you don't recognize pushes past you in line. You:
  • 2
    It's almost time to go back to school. You get your list of classes. Immediately, you:
  • 3
    Your favorite subject is:

  • 4
    Your favorite color is:
  • 5
    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • 6
    Your signature is:

  • 7
    Do your friends come to you for advice?
    Do your friends come to you for advice?
  • 8
    You take an online IQ test and find out that your IQ is 110. You:
  • 9
    Your favorite sport is:
  • 10
    Do you know what I.Q. stands for?

    (Last question of the teen personality test)

Comments (239)


87 days ago
I got the one that 20% percent of people got :)
89 days ago
This is really boring
112 days ago
This is great!! Though some questions really back into a corner and you aren't sure which one to choose because both the questions feel like something you would do but this is accurate
138 days ago
This test, like a lot of others, lack a lot of substance and choice, you can't really determine someone, it makes a lot of generalizations of things so idk. 0-0 over all just kinda bad
138 days ago
Dear, the person who said magenta was their colour. Magenta isn't real. I am not joking magenta is a made up colour

Also i'm 99% sure this test is kinda bad
211 days ago
i love building and the pub
211 days ago
MY COLOUR IS MAGENTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
211 days ago
i like pans.........
211 days ago
This test is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING i turned out to be cristiano ronaldo and it helped me for the future.
211 days ago
my colour is orangeeeeeee!!!!
237 days ago
this test is really good and i came out gay
238 days ago
i came out as pansexual today!!
238 days ago
im not gay i swear
257 days ago
Ayyyooooo, It says I'm a natural born leader. so true.
257 days ago
eh, i liked it, it was alright.
257 days ago
Bro, what if i don't like sport?
315 days ago
it is a weird test though!!
316 days ago
THis test was cool and I have enjoy it.
361 days ago
Hey guys, it told me: Your period could be late, or last longer. THAT'S TRUE! I'm on day 9! Is that normal?
377 days ago
Yeah it was ok i guess but idk :-