What Kind Of Junior High/High School Stereotype Are You?
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What Kind Of Junior High/High School Stereotype Are You?

Where you/are you a Goth, Outsider, Jock, Popular Person, Or A Nerd in Junior High and High School? Take this quiz to find out FOR CERTAIN.(And if you are wondering, this test was created from the point-of-view of someone who falls into the category of Goth/Outsider, by the way)

Question 1:You wake up and go to the bus stop. You.....
Stay as far away from your empti-headed peers as possible.
Sit down and read quietly.
Scowl at them all, and sul in the shadows.
Actively engage conversation with them and discuss the latest fashions and bands.
Kick around a football and joke with your friends.

Question 2:It's time for P.E. You are forced to change into a P.E. outfit in the locker room with your fellow students. Your view of this is...
"Oh great, another day of torment while I’m half nude and surrounded by members of the same sex."
"Oh no, they are gonna make fun of me. What did I ever do to them?"
"F*** that! I hate this whole conformist crap, I prefer to stay in my black cowl."
"I can't wait to show off my new outfit, everyone will be so jealous."
"P.E.! Alright!"

Question 3:You're view of sports is....
You think sports are okay, but you're paranoid you may break a nail.
You hate them, it's just a bunch of fools running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
You either hate them or you like the TO AN EXTENT.
They are you're whole life. You eat and breathe sports!
You don't care for them. You would much rather amount to something in life than play a meaningless game.

Question 4:An example of one of your favorite movies is....(Just pick the closest one to your favorite)
Star Wars/Star Trek
Bram Stoker's Dracula
The Breakfast Club(Or something dysfunctional)
The Replacements(or some other sportsy movie)

Question 5:Your opinion of reading is....
You either love it or you hate it.
You like reading, or have mixed feelings about it.
"Reading? What's That?"
"Reading is so retro".
You absolutely love it. You find it very enjoyable.

Question 6:How many friends do you have?
Friends? What are you talking about, I don't have any of those.
Way to many to count
"My whole football team is my friend!"
0-5, if people can even get off their ego's and realize that you are a worthy friend, even if you are "different"
Not very many.

Question 7:You're favorite kind of clothing is.....
Jersey's and jeans.
Whatever the newest style is of course!
Nothing flashy, just something to wear.
I don't care, I just have to like it.
Anything black or red.

Question 8:Your ideal pet would be.....
Something that agrees with me^_^
A snake preferably, or something else that would make people cringe.
Something cool, of course.
A dog, or something I can play with.
I don't know...Fish or something that doesn't disturb me from my work to much.

Question 9:You're favorite kind of weather is...
I don't go outside much, it doesn't matter.
Who gives a crap?
Sunny, just like me!
Sunny, so I can play football outside.
Dark and stormy!

Question 10:Your fellow students usually...
Exclude you from everything, you are too individual for them.
Shy away from you, you scare them.
Make fun of you for your intelligence. They are so jealous.
Think you are cool because of your skills on the field.
Admire you and look up to you. Some even idolize you.

Question 11:You're favorite school subject is....
P.E., duh.
I don't know. But maybe Language Arts, because I can express myself through writing.
All of them, because everyone can see me and my superiorness.
Who gives a crap. The world is a cruel and hateful place, it doesn't matter.
All of them, except P.E.

Question 12:After school, you usually...
Go home and stay there, nobody wants to see me
Do my homework!
Sulk in the shadows and write poems and stories about how much I hate the world.
Play football with my friends, duh!
Socialize, socialize, socialize!!!

Question 13:You're favorite color is.....
Who cares.
Whatever is everyone else's!
Brown, like my football!
Ummm..I don't know

Question 14:You are assigned to write an essay. You choose a subject and write on it. You write about...
Yesterday's soccer game.
An essay about vampires.
Something well thought out and thoroughly researched.
How crucial fashion is to the world.
How democracy and human civilization are doomed to fail.

Question 15:A stranger walks up to you in the hall and says "Hello". What is your response.
You glare at them and walk away.
Shyly manage to say "Hi."
Turn your nose away from them. You are to cool for them.
Ask them if they are on the football team.
You glare at them evilly and scare them away.

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