Which school crowd do you fit in?
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Which school crowd do you fit in?

Are you part of the overwhelming popular incrowd, the noticeable sidecrowd, or the totally lame outcrowd? Take the test and find out!

Question 1:How many friends do you have?
Too many to count! *rolls on the floor*
Meh, I have some friends.
I only have a few. *rolls eyes*
Does internet friends count? *crosses fingers*
Who needs friends?

Question 2:What do you do with your friends (if you have any)?
I said "Who needs friends?" remember!?!? *snickers*
We never do much maybe just play cards. *sigh*
We drop by eachother's houses to see if we're alive.
Can you say party? How 'bout shopping and movies?
Practically every freakin' thing there is to do!

Question 3:What do you people refer to you as?
"Hot stuff!"
"What else? By my name of course!"
"Loser!" or "Weirdo!"
"Fat..." or "Ugly..." (If you're named Taherat, please click here)

Question 4:What are people most likely to say to you?
Nothing, I don't seem to exist! *cries*
Get out of the way, freak!
What's up?
Rock on!
Great party yesterday!

Question 5:In what part of the school (besides class) are you usually found?
Just about everywhere! *yells*
In the washroom socializing with my friends.
Somewhere in that crowd of people.
On the floor, since I was just runned over! *sigh*
All alone in the dark corner.

Question 6:What kind of people are you attracted to?
Fellow loners unite!
Those cool people that don't notice me.
People with same interests, you door knob! *grunts*
Fairly good looking with decent personality. *drools*
Loud and obnoxious! Yeah!

Question 7:What do you wear?
Whatever is "in" now.
What I feel like wearing.
The clothes you see on people walking down the street.
Some sort of dressy shirt usually with collars.
Same thing everyday and I'm proud of it! *cheers*

Question 8:How is your grammar while chatting online?
C4n j00 r34d?
Fo' schizzle mi fizzle!
Proper spelling and punctuation.
umm... somewhere in between? ~_^
meeh typez loosely... :)

Question 9:If you had one of the following catch phrases, which one will it be?
"Riiiiight..." or "Suuurrrrreee..."
"What are you smoking?"
"Your mom!" or "Your face!"
"Let's battle!" or "Let's duel!"

Question 10:If you were given $100, what would you do with it?
Give it to the poor because they need it.
Buy loads of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic cards!
Must feed my (insert video game console)! *rubs console*
Goes straight to bank account obviously.
Go on a shopping spree! *leaves house*

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