What Type of University Student Are You?
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What Type of University Student Are You?

When you walk into Uni, what do other people see?

Question 1:   What does a heavy session mean to you?
Working weekends
Being really sore in the morning
10 pints and a round of aftershocks
6 hours of Quantum Mechanics
Hot-boxing the house

Question 2:   What best describes your hair?
Beads and dreadlocks and shit
Immaculately gelled
That "just got out of bed" look
Inexplicably shaved
Slightly too long and a bit unwashed, to be honest

Question 3:   What's most likely to be on your t-shirt on a night out?
I don't really wear t-shirts when I go out
A kebab stain
good fcuk
Che Guevara
A band

Question 4:   How fast is fast?
Under 5 minutes
A pint in under 5 seconds
Time's an abstract concept anyway

Question 5:   Where do wet patches occur?
Around the roach
Wherever moisture collects
Down the front of my t-shirts
On my sheets
Underneath my coffee cup

Question 6:   What is your favourite chocolate?
The FairTrade stuff from Co-Op
Mars Bars
Does Bailey's count?

Question 7:   What does the word 'beard' conjure in your mind?
Froth moustache
I just don't get 'round to shaving
Beards are cool
Stubble rash

Question 8:   How much do you earn?
I don't normally charge
I'm too busy studying to work
We should abolish wage-work
Three beers an hour
>£6000 per annum

Question 9:   The glass is...
Half-full, of ash
Produced by super-heating sand
On my bedside table
Part of a complete set from Ikea

Question 10:   My eye hurts because of...
An inaccurate blow-back
I'm not telling you
My contact lenses
I can't really remember
The glare from my computer screen

Question 11:   Who is the most cool woman in this list?
Sara Cox
Liz Hurley
Pamela Anderson
Alanis Morissette
Christina Aguilera

Question 12:   What's most likely to fail first?
My confidence
My legs
My patience
My springs

Question 13:   My room probably smells of...
Dust and plastic
The herb
Pot pourri

Question 14:   What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Why would I need to know?
Mate, what are you talking about?
Did you say swallow?
African or European?
I used to know this...

Question 15:   Leather...
Is murder
Is cheaper in Spain

Question 16:   Super Furry...

Question 17:   Choose a brand.
Moss Bros.
Ben Sherman
La Senza

Question 18:   What are you most likely to eat?
No garlic
Breakfast cereal, in the morning
Salted peanuts
Lots of crisps and pizza and shit, at 3am

Question 19:   Where are you most likely to be found in the afternoon?
At work
In the pub
In a cafe
In bed
At University

Question 20:   My chosen form of travel is mostly...
I just kinda "arrive" at places, with very little knowledge of the journey
Walking with my friend Colin

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