What High School Stereotype Are You?
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What High School Stereotype Are You?

Read the title, retard! If you want to know what stereotype you would be in high school, click here to find out!

Question 1:   Hello!
Dude! 'Sup, dawg?
Hello. How are you this morning?
*sniff* Hello. Don't you think the clouds are creating the perfect weather this morning? Hey! Where are you going? Come back!
Hello! Like, oh my gosh! Yesterday at lunch my friend...
Go away. The whole world is rotten.

Question 2:   If I were to tell you that you're a geek, what would you do?
Like, oh my gosh! I am SO not a geek!
Nod my head and quietly walk away.
Hey! Stop calling me a geek! I get enough of that from the kids in my first period class! And second, and third...
Crack my knuckles and give you five seconds to run.
Say, "Dude, that was cold."

Question 3:   Do you like reading?
Of course! I read all the time! Reading is the most important thing in the world! Except maybe chemistry.
Do, like, fashion magazines count?
Don't bother me. I'm busy plotting your death.
Yeah, I like curling up with a good book on the couch.
Yeah! Sports Illustrated is da bomb, dude!

Question 4:   What is your favorite color nail polish?
Black. Sometimes with red tips, but mostly just black. And jagged.
Light pink.
My nails are too short from biting them during the SATs.
Nail polish? Dude, get a life and live it.
Bright red or anything to match my outfit.

Question 5:   What is your favorite band?
Anything techno.
Who can even think about music with the big homecoming game next week!
Mercy Me
N*Sync! Oh my gosh, Justin Timberlake is so hot!
Metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit...

Question 6:   What do you wear to the first day of school?
Shorts and a sports jersey
Khaki pants, my brand-new polo shirt, and Birkenstocks
Ankle-high polyester pants with suspenders
My nicest pair of blue jeans and a pink tanktop with orange and yellow flowers
Jeans with rips at the knees held together with paperclips and a black band T-shirt

Question 7:   What is in your backpack?
A revolver, a pocketknife, a box of matches, and the latest Metallica CD
Schoolbooks, some pencils and paper, and my Bible
A football
Backpack? What backpack? I carry a purse.
A laptop computer

Question 8:   What's your favorite subject in school?
Social Studies
School sucks. I hate school. I want to bomb all the schools in the county.

Question 9:   Why are you even taking this quiz?
Because, like, my best friend e-mailed me and told me to take it.
Don't bother asking me, because I won't tell you. I will never tell you anything. Go away before I behead you.
It sounded kind of interesting.
Dude, you tell me.
I wanted to know how people label me. (PLEASE don't be a nerd!)

Question 10:   What is your goal in life?
To hurt you. Bad. I shall unleash my attack dog on you and then give your blood to the school nerd for scientific purposes.
To be the homecoming queen
To become a professional football player
To win a Nobel Prize for science
To do what God has sent me to do

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