Which High School Stereotype Am I? Quiz

If you've been to high school, or seen movies set in high school (there are too many to list here), you know there are several distinct "types" roaming those hallowed halls. Have you ever wondered how high-schoolers would stereotype you? If not, does finding out sound interesting? If so, this test is for you!

  • 1
    It's morning and you wake to a buzzing alarm. What time is it?
  • 2
    Now that you're out of bed and all set for a wonderful school day, you need to actually get there! How do you arrive?
    Now that you're out of bed and all set for a wonderful school day, you need to actually get there! How do you arrive?
  • 3
    You're at your locker getting your books when a group of people dressed in black pass by and laugh at you. What do you do?

  • 4
    You're sitting in first period, Algebra 2. What are you doing?
  • 5
    Now you're in the hallway, making your way to second period, when the person walking in front of you falls down the stairs. What's your reaction?
  • 6
    You made it to 2nd period, and you weren't even late! You sit down and notice you just sat in gum. Oh no! What do you do?

  • 7
    Moving on to 3rd period - Study Hall! What are your plans for that class?
  • 8
    Now you're going to a FUN* class - Health! Yay! You get to learn about STDs today, and you have to see some rather graphic pictures in the process! What's going through your head?
  • 9
    Thank goodness THAT'S over! Now it's time for lunch! Which table do you sit at?
  • 10
    After lunch, you're sitting in Chemistry. The teacher is trying to explain how to balance equations. You are:

  • 11
    The day is going by fast, and all a sudden you realize you're in 8th period, the last of the day! The long hand on the clock is almost at the 6, and you get out at 2:30! You're gazing at the clock when your teacher asks you what should be done to stop world hunger. How do you reply?
  • 12
    Yay! The bell has finally rung! You go home. It's Friday night and you're going to:
  • 13
    You're out on Friday night as mentioned above when your mother/father/guardian calls your cell and tells you to come straight home. Why did he/she call?
  • 14
    Turns out, your parent/guardian called because you broke curfew. Whoops! But, because they are so forgiving, they let you off the hook. You go to sleep in your bed and start having dreams. What are they about?
  • 15
    Yay, it's tomorrow! You're walking down the street and someone calls you a:

Comments (148)


202 days ago
Okie saurrr I got normal, but like, I don't wanna be an NPC I just want to be original.... idk btw have y'all also noticed that almost every girl wears mascara and blue jeans and some oversized shirts or sm or croptops and a lot of boys also wear like jeans and like a hoodie or sm... it's weird.. we all are the @#$%&*! same! or I mean... sorry if you look closely you see differences but still... anyone agrees?
482 days ago
I got class clown and I'm very shy irl
615 days ago
This is wrong... it says im normal!?! Look man, i am a quite but weird kid( in a good way) and love to talk with people i am close with. And um.. My friend group is definitely not made up of "NORMAL" people. we are al screwed up in our own ways loll
630 days ago
Druggie yes explains me 😭
639 days ago
How dare you accuse me of being normal 😤😤
672 days ago
I got class clown....umm...is this thing broken??
733 days ago
Yeah sorry, I thought it didn’t show up
733 days ago
I am a druggie who doesn’t do those
733 days ago
I am a druggie, who doesn’t do those type of things. My name defines how I feel about my class, I HATE THEM ALL
734 days ago
Yeah I’m one of the popular girls but also one of the smartest people, in my class so I got nerdy/popular, not sure how that works out. I’m also very sporty, the starting setter on my schools volleyball team. So I’m a mix of a lot of things.
787 days ago
A druggie? Ummmmmm. No. I'm just the quiet kid. 😑
800 days ago
Normal? Ha I’m far from normal:’)
870 days ago
i got half class clown half popular no suprises. lol i am one of the most popular girls. oop lol
931 days ago
i got partly class clown and partly good at making friends. I have 2 friends and really bad social anxiety lmao
966 days ago
I got “40% popular girl and great at making friends”🥺❤️🦋💝💖💅🏻💋😇✨😜
987 days ago
Well I got jock but I’m also a nerd so = Jerd
991 days ago
i got class clown lmao ahhahahahaha
1042 days ago
I got normal... but, tbh, everyone is weird in their own way
1046 days ago
I got class clown! but,also Normal...But,my score wasn't very clear....
1074 days ago
normal and I'm happy with it. thought I'd get nerd though tbh