What cliché high school character are you?

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I know you’re more complicated than a basic, over used character type, but let's see with one fits most with you anyway! No matter what the result is though, you are amazing and uniquely you, so don’t put yourself in a box.

  • 1
    You’re in science, 20 minutes ago, your teacher gave you all a 2 sided worksheet about the topic you’ve been studying this past two weeks. What would you most likely be doing?
  • 2
    You’re in PE and your teacher has instructed you all to run a lap of the oval, what do you do?
  • 3
    Your favourite type of movie?

  • 4
    Pick a casual outfit
  • 5
    Pick a hair style
  • 6
    Favourite subject?

  • 7
    Pick a job
  • 8
    The person of your dreams asks you out. With answer is the closest to what you would say to accept?
  • 9
    I person you’re not into asks you out, how do you turn them down?
  • 10
    You’re meeting someone new, how do you greet them

  • 11
    Pick a colour
  • 12
    Pick a hobby
  • 13
    Which motto most relates to how you live your life?
  • 14
    Favourite music genre?
  • 15
    Pick a YouTube genre
  • 16
    Which holiday seems the most fun

  • 17
    What’s your biggest flaw?
  • 18
    You’re on stage, what are you doing?
  • 19
    Choose a dog
  • 20
    Lastly, what do you think you’re going to get?

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694 days ago
I got Mean Girl, and I am definitely a nerd. The test results are way off, but the questions were well-framed. Maybe work on the final results? Good job, otherwise.
710 days ago
I’m a “jock”! I do play 4 sports so that is definitely right.
713 days ago
Erm, I’m not mean. I’m more shy... but I liked the quiz.. .,."
765 days ago
I got nerd I am definitely a jock tho!!! sports are my life!!!! I am a soccer player and a swimmer and have gone to regionals in both!:)
788 days ago
i got bad girl to, that was definily way off, but fun quiz i guess! keep it up, im sure you'll get better at the results :)
796 days ago
Result: Bad girl. Way off, but a good quiz! I love music though, mainly baroque, folk, and symphonic metal, but I was also quite the nerd and theatre kid. I don’t go to school any longer but I did enjoy it and loved my teachers. Ah well, all things must come to an end 💚