Who exactly are you? (High School Edition)

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Everybody's going to be something. Are you one of the heroes, or one of the villains? Or maybe you're just an average kid.

Take this quiz to see what kind of person you might be.

  • 1
    You're walking through the hallways at school, and a kid shoves you from the side. You look at him and he rolls his eyes. "What are you going to do?"

  • 2
    It's lunchtime and you sit down in the cafeteria. What kind of food are you eating?
  • 3
    You're sitting in class, just minding your own business, when your friend suddenly nudges you. He wants you to help him with his test - CHEATING.


  • 4
    Suddenly, the emergency lights flash. Someone has set fire to the school, and everyone must evacuate.

  • 5
    You're chilling on the front stairs of your friend's house, listening to music, when he tells you one of the cutest kids in school has a crush on you.

  • 6
    You find yourself in a dark alley while you're out running errands. A guy offers you some weed for free.

    What do you do?

  • 7
    You hear a song that unexpectedly seems to tell the entire story of your life.

  • 8
    It's your school's fifteenth annual talent show, and you're going to act in a play.

    How do you feel?
  • 9
    You're a success at the play and you find yourself surrounded by groupies afterwards.

    What do you do?
  • 10
    You're at the kitchen table about to get breakfast when you're suddenly crippled by an existential crisis.

    You're asking yourself:?

  • 11
    You decide it's time to do something you like to kick these weird thoughts.

  • 12
    You learn to drive and get a sweet ride.

    By the first week you:?
  • 13
    It's prom night.

  • 14
    It's the last day of school, and you can put a song lyric in your yearbook.

    You choose:?
  • 15
    It's graduation day, and you come home to see the entire sky is red.

    On TV they're making the announcement that global warming is due to completely destroy the earth by next year.


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