Which kind of a girl are you - girly, chillier, dreamy, prep, techno? (for girls)

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Are you all girly & pink, or a relaxed? Are creative or mad about gadgets? Are you the talented & popular one? Find out with this quiz.

  • 1
    Which color out of these do you like?
  • 2
    What would you do on a weekend?
  • 3
    For a holiday, you would go to....

  • 4
    What do you prefer the most of these?
  • 5
    Which of these names do you prefer?
  • 6
    If you were sad you would...

  • 7
    Which is your favorite subject?
  • 8
    What would your dream boyfriend be like?
  • 9
    Do you like to spend money?
  • 10
    What is the best thing about you?

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744 days ago
752 days ago
I got 30%Fashion Queen and 30% Relaxed. Honestly I’m the most stress person ever!!
754 days ago
Loved this... I got fashion queen...
757 days ago
I got you are a fashion queen
758 days ago
it says i'm the smarty one and the relaxed on):
758 days ago
I got chillier girl, I knew I'll be what I am...
760 days ago
Got Techno for nothing!!!
774 days ago
I'm a chiller, apparently, but I get stressed out a lot. Lol. Also, what if I want a girlfriend? Why do I have to have a boyfriend? What if I like multiple genders? This site should really be open to LGBTQ+. My Non-Binary friend took a test like this, and it asked them if they were a boy or a girl. What do they do then??
780 days ago
I'm either:
A.) The Relaxed
Or B.) Miss Techno
780 days ago
For 50% you are: You are the dreamer-You are creative and always want to do something productive. You like to fancy things and do not much care what goes around you. You are creative & free & fresh! hmmmmmm maybe?
781 days ago
I am a dreamy girl yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee((maroon)
788 days ago
it was pretty accurate...
School CAN stress me out sometimes. Usually I get so stressed that I burst into tears, and that is NOT very normal for a 13 year old.
That's all I have to say.
795 days ago
You are the Relaxed-You keep it simple and cool. You like to chill out and stress hardly gets you. You are super cool & kind & good to hang out with!
hahahaha.....i have anxiety i’m never relaxed :)
810 days ago
my name is in the test i am a dreamer
814 days ago
Bruh I got smarty girl
852 days ago
See you at our quiz(do i like him)
852 days ago
Ok then see you at 7 pm your time and 9 pm on mine!!!
852 days ago
Yeah your tun to choose the quiz☺️☺️☺️
852 days ago
Wait 7pm not 8pm lol
852 days ago
Ok I have to go watch a movie for class now, so I’ll be back at around 8 my time 😬