Personality Quiz - GIRLS ONLY

Obviously, since you are you, you have a really good idea of what your personality is like. But taking this quiz, created by an objective person, can probably offer you some new insights. Who isn't curious to learn more about themselves? (Hint: No one I know!:)

Try the test out now - and be ready for some potential surprises! Have fun!

  • 1
    Hi! My name is Clara. I will be asking you some questions.
    Hi! My name is Clara. I will be asking you some questions.
  • 2
    First off, describe your attitude.
  • 3
    Describe your fashion style.

  • 4
    Of these, which type of music do you like most?
  • 5
    What's your religion?
  • 6
    Describe your childhood.

  • 7
    Of these, which color is your favorite?
  • 8
    What's your favorite subject at school?
  • 9
    How old are you?
  • 10
    Final question: Did you enjoy this quiz?

Comments (84)


35 days ago
Fun quiz, but honestly I didn't get the results. It was really fun. Thanks Clara for putting my personality in a new light!!
45 days ago
That's just who i am. Thanks
63 days ago
It was most like me.
81 days ago
My result was exactly like me
309 days ago
I like the quiz and my results are very interesting
405 days ago
Clara is not real if you want to know
428 days ago
Hi, i liked Clara she was really fun and i enjoyed the quizz!
622 days ago
This is so realatable it just soo me I really enjoyed your quiz Clara thank you ☺️
638 days ago
This quiz was fun+really accurate
760 days ago
this quiz is acually acurate
772 days ago
I liked the quiz . tbh at first I thought it would be horrible
848 days ago
I enjoyed your quiz, thanks clara...
848 days ago
I really like your quiz Clara. Thank you for your quiz.
856 days ago
hi clara
i realy liked your quiz
864 days ago
None of the options truly matched me but the answer I got was actually really accurate!? Cool.
867 days ago
Nice quiz fam :)
867 days ago
stop complaining bruh
907 days ago
i am a tomboy too so don't worry #tomboy for life.
949 days ago
the test answers make me feel rude but it says im not and ppl love being them selves around me witch is true bc im so weird that ppl KNOW i WONT call them weird bc prob weirder welllp but ima tomboy
956 days ago