Am I A Tomboy, A Girly-Girl, Or In-Between? Quiz

Unsure where you land in the land of female-hood? Take my test! At the end, you'll find out whether you're a tomboy, a girly-girl, or someone in between the two.

Please share with your girlfriends who wonder the same thing! And always remember - you're awesome however you are!

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    You wear tons of makeup.
    You wear tons of makeup.

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4 days ago
I always knew I was in-between. I love the color pink and I hang out with most girls, but I wouldn't mind playing certain sports or watching a super hero movie. Either way, I am proud of being me.
122 days ago
And for those who don’t know the last question average joe or average jane basically just means if your an “average “ person hope this helps!!
122 days ago
I am turning into a tomboy, Imo (in my opinion) I feel like im sometimes both like i wear “boy” clothes but i care about my hair nails yk the “girl things” but i feel like everyone should but anyway yeah
140 days ago
Both! My style is girly-girl and a lot of my hobbies are tomboy :)
597 days ago
Oh no, I’m turning! Lol. Apparently I’m turning into a tomboy and I used to be a girly girl. I mean I’ve always been in the middle. My only friends at school are boys and that’s when I get more girly because you can’t be the dude in a group of literal dudes lol. I sound like a stinking two year old. I look like it too. help me
636 days ago
And doesn’t matter if you’re in between or not should be treated the same
636 days ago
Ima Tomboy!!
And proud of it!
654 days ago
I knew it all the way tomboy. Who is a tomboy I like. For the girly girls its ok for ya, be who you want to be.
666 days ago
I hate pink but I will wear it and i hang out with everybody. Sprts are good but nails are good 2 ig.
B urself!!!
668 days ago
lets goooooo im a tomboy. i love hanging out with boys and getting into fights and idc if i go to the office
673 days ago
B urself!!! And don’t judge peeps
673 days ago
We r all human and also we r all awesome 😎
673 days ago
Yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! I knew I was a girly girl! 😜 oh and btw u should b urself so never b ashamed of who u r, whether u r a tomboy or girly—girl cuz it’s okay 2 b different 👍
693 days ago
i already knew i was a tomboy, its because i wear and dress like it, so, they are inbetween right and wrong
788 days ago
Im a tomboy yayyyy! I would hate being a girly-girl it sounds boring in my opion but if you like being an girly-girl then good for you, everyone should be their true self! U.U
795 days ago
what did the last question mean? tomboy btw
807 days ago
Yay!!,((((((((((((:::::::::: Tbh I knew I would get girly girl 💖 . Nice quiz!yay
810 days ago
Yessssssss it’s true ima tomboy!
882 days ago
pue tomboy ayyyyyy i am happy
899 days ago
I'm starting to become a tomboy