What Kind of Girl Are You?

Are you a romance-minded flirt or more of an edgy tomboy? A role model for other girls? Or the fashionista who rules the school? You might think you already know which one you are - or maybe you'll be surprised! Take this quiz to discover the kind of girl you are.

  • 1
    If you were to go see a movie, which of these types would it most likely be?
    If you were to go see a movie, which of these types would it most likely be?
  • 2
    When your parents are away on a vacation, out of these, you'd most likely...
  • 3
    If you could buy any of these articles of clothing, you would choose:

  • 4
    If you were ordering an ice cream sundae, which of these would you most likely choose?
  • 5
    Your sleeping clothes are...
  • 6
    You can't live without...

  • 7
    Which of these genres of music do you like best?
  • 8
    Your bathing suit features (pick the closest):
  • 9
    Your pet should always have...
  • 10
    If you have spare time, how do you spend it? (Pick the closest.)

Comments (18)


79 days ago
121 days ago
For 40% you are: You're an edgy tomboy who hates being told what to do. Nobody will ever mess with you! I know I sure wouldn't try to. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and you're one of the best. I think this is such a cool result to get!

ummm....im not...i like wearing and skirts...and im not tough!...i don´t like what i got....
162 days ago
For 50% you are: You're a first-class fashion fan. When you see something you love in a store (especially if it's designer), it will most definitely be coming home with you. You might need to hire a carpenter to build you a bigger closet! Where else are you going to put all those stilettos and kitten heels?

Is there an option for choosing a normal girl? That kinda kinda describes me but I dont wear heels at all. Ooof
163 days ago
Romantic? I am ARO ACE, BLEGH!
164 days ago
Apparently i'm a fashion fan. well this was a waste of time.
165 days ago
I am the first class of the school, but I’m really to contrary of that, I’m unpopular :(
197 days ago
im the type of girl who watches icarly all day and lays around and eats hot cheetos
304 days ago
A rolemode, only my teachers think that other than that nobody wants to be like me 🙄
375 days ago
It turns out im an edgy tomboy who hates being told what to do. A little untrue if u watch spongebob squarepant still😂😅
704 days ago
I got role model...ok I dont know how anyone would want to be like me but ok
710 days ago
I got romantic and flirty. I have crushes sometimes but I don't date and flirt around. I'm more of a mall shopper...
719 days ago
It said I was an edgy tomboy who doesn’t like to be told what to do nobody messes with me. I picked innocent answers ;-; I’m soft 😂 that’s the opposite of me.
733 days ago
LOL MINE WAS WAY OFF IT SAID EDGY TOMBOY BUT I’M A SOFTGIRL!! (Oh and did I mention my boyfriend is the sweetest!?)
971 days ago
Rolemodel! Pretty accurate i think
1004 days ago
I got romantic and flirty. I am more edgy than that. I am not the type of person to get all worked up over a guy. I like my guys like I like my tea. I don't like tea
1047 days ago
I'm a cute loving girl ;)
1083 days ago
I got role model somehow I should have got tomboy or something
1124 days ago
Lol I’m not a tomboy at all but I do hate being told what to do and yes, not many people mess with me.. I’m quite friendly with everyone so people just get along with me it’s not that they won’t mess with me.....but thanks for the test(: