Are you a tomboy, a girlygirl, or just normal?

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Do you consider yourself a tomboy? A girlygirl? Or do you think you are normal? Take this test to find out!

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    On Saturday afternoon, what do you like to spend your time doing?

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26 days ago
I love this #tomboylife
37 days ago
I also like cats and dogs!
37 days ago
im kinda both, i like doing my makeup, and i like legos, tomboyish stuff and hanging with guys
44 days ago
20% normal, 10% girly girl, 70% tomboy (jk my score was messed up, they couldn't place me anywhere XD)
51 days ago
Ye of course i'm a tomboy my mom be goin crazy when i pick an outfit she be like "hOnEy LeTs gEt yOu sOmE NICE cLotHeS"i be like "eXuSe mE" and ye who can relate
57 days ago
I am a 90% tomboy and a 10% normal
I'm normal?!
Maybe why it's only 10%
Sorry I'll stop typing in....
Or now
65 days ago
I am 70% girly and and 30% normal. Makes SO much sense!
65 days ago
I am 60% normal, 30% girly and 10% tomboy.
I’m surprised the girly girl percentage and the tomboy percentage were switched. I knew I wasn’t really a girly-girl in 2017 due to issues I don’t want to get into. Yeah, I like skirts and dresses, but I only like modest skirts and dresses. I hate mini dresses; I would rather pair a mini dress or a tunic top with jeans for a modest look. I also really hate high heels and makeup, I prefer Nikes, and if I had to choose between going to a nail salon as an outing and going to an arcade/go-karting/amusement park, I would choose the arcade/go-karting/amusement park.
70 days ago
For 70% you are: You are a tomboy! You like sports and being outside!

ik im a tomboy so like....byeee
81 days ago
Um idk if i normal
85 days ago
I go to an all-girl's school and some of the girls are really annoying
85 days ago
I,m a mixture of both.
I HATE dresses/skirts but I like to have fun with my hair. I can be really sporty too.
86 days ago
I’m a tomboy. I don’t know why I even took this but whatever. I was hanging out with my brother and his friend and my bff sent it to me 🙄. Sometimes I wanna throw my phone across the room when she does that.
90 days ago
I'm 100% tomboy I just new it I don't hang around girls I don't dress up a lot and all my friends are Boyz so it's true
127 days ago
Same as mikayla-rose. Im. 100% tomboy like my bff said i would be. Im not girly🐱! (But i like cats.) Idk why thats a girly thing. Girly girls annoy me a little. Im friends with one bc shes nice my bff is a tomboy. But glad im tomboy😜
134 days ago
For 100% you are: You are a tomboy! You like sports and being outside!
44% of 3511 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 0% you are: You are just normal. You enjoy a variety of things! Profile B

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: You are a girlygirl! You like dresses and doing your hair! Profile C
190 days ago
I got 100% tomboy!
Totally fits me! My best friends are boys, the girls are too girly for me!
195 days ago
Lol I got 60% normal, 30% tomboy and 10% (I'm legit so happy that I'm least girly)
195 days ago
No way. The 15 best emojis are the following.
195 days ago
haha! 0% girly girl 70% tomboy.