Are you a Skater girl or Soft girl?🌸🛹

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In this quiz you’ll find out if you're a skater girl or Soft girl!

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    Do you wear dark colors or light colors?
    Do you wear dark colors or light colors?

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19 days ago
I love skateboarding and i never wear blush only mascara it said I'm a soft girl bruh I listen to t rap and I hate pink how am I a soft girl lol.
49 days ago
Me: I love skateboarding, dark clothing, beanies, hate makeup, wants a nose piercing and hates pink; definitely makes me a soft girl.....:(
430 days ago
I don't wear blush and love skateboarding too!
430 days ago
Pfft I got soft girl but I like rap, want a nose ring, and I hate pink, wear beanies, and I like thrasher, and I picked amusement park lmao
485 days ago
I got a mix,though I've never even been skating before-_-.I'm more of a soft girl ,thank you very much.UwU
490 days ago
Im a mix of both which sounds quite right
512 days ago
I got mix but i wear black all the time and im thonking about dying my hair black or purple-💢
530 days ago
Pfft, softie? Nah, they got me wrong
626 days ago
I got soft girl while I ain't I hate pink and I like dark colours
725 days ago
I got a mix of both an thats quite correct :)
738 days ago
i got ssssskkkkkaaaaaattttttteeeeeerrrrrr girl I hate pink anyway
740 days ago
i got softie ofc i act like one lmao
742 days ago
747 days ago
I got Sk8ter guuuuuuuurl! As you can tell, I like spamming the keyboard. Sk8ter guuuuuuuurl!
814 days ago
I’m a mix of both...I’m ok with that it seems like a cool style
843 days ago
This is crazy how am I a baddie baddie is not even on there
853 days ago
This thing is jammed
879 days ago
Lol, I hate skateboarding and I hate skateboarding girl stuff- I only wear A lil’ bit of blush but how am I mix? I legit just picked the most softest girl things
1203 days ago
What zee flip it said I liked blush but absolutely HATE makeup!