What label describes you?
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What label describes you?

Did you always wonder what label you may have been in highschool? Now take the quiz to find out!!!!!!!!!!

Question 1:Your favourite leisure activity is...
Skateboarding or playing guitar
Playing sports
Doing homework

Question 2:Your favourite concert would be...
dave mathews band
Blink 182
Would rather see a hockey game
Don't go to concerts

Question 3:In highschool, you always hung out...
With the in-crowd
In the parking lot on a skateboard
Playing football outside
Doing homework in the library

Question 4:Your version of a party is...
A bunch of friends hanging out at a bar
Smoking a joint in a parking lot
A keg party
Having the study group over to cram

Question 5:A day at the mall for you is described as...
Sitting out front smoking cigarettes
A quick trip to a sports store
The mall is pointless

Question 6:Physical Appearance means to you...
Extremely important
It is better to be an individual
It is important to be strong and healthy
Brains are more important

Question 7:Your going out for lunch, what type of food do you choose?
Something low fat
Something that is edible
Something that has a lot of protein
Something that tastes good

Question 8:You have a date, what do you wear?
A preplanned outfit that is new, matches well and your partner has never seen?
A rock shirt and cords
A hockey jersey and jeans
I never go on dates

Question 9:A movie that I would most likely end up watching...
Clueless or legally blonde
Dazed and confused or Detroit Rock City
Major League or Slapshot
AI (artificial intelligence) or star wars

Question 10:What celebrity do you share most of your styles with?
Britney Spears (female) or Nsync (male)
Pink (female) or Marilyn Manson (male)
Venice or Sarina (female) or Vince Carter (male)
Janeane Garofalo (female) or Bill Gates (male)

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