What "label" do you fall under?

Ever wondered what "label" you would be under if you were in high school? Or maybe you're wondering if you're hanging out with the "right" crowd. Well, let me help you out!! ^-^

Question 1:Do you believe in labels?
Labels? What are those?
Labels were created to improve or degrade one's social status... so therefore, I believe that they are wrong, but labels are inevitable in our generation.
Labels? Oh.... I guess...
Labels don't matter...
Yeah! They separate the losers from the "in" crowd.

Question 2:You and your "crew" head to mall... where's the first place you want to go?
the arcade
I don't have time for the mall...
Hot Topic!
Abercrombie or Gap

Question 3:What's your favorite color?
yellow, purple, green, or orange
black or red
Pink (duh)

Question 4:It's a Saturday night... where are you?
At home, all alone....
At home studying for a big test on Tuesday.
A football game, or some sort of sport.
The skate park
At the mall... scoping out hotties!

Question 5:What are your favorite accessories?
What are those?
an occasional ring or necklace
my class ring, but mainly no accessories...
chains, spikes, the likes.
charm bracelets, anklets, necklaces, suede belts, etc.

Question 6:What's your favorite movie?
Star Wars, Alien Incounter, some kind of sci-fi...
I don't have time for such luxuries...
Some kind of action/adventure
Jackass the movie, or some kind of horror film
Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, or some chick flick...

Question 7:What is your favorite class of the day?
Biology... I love to dissect things.
English, Math, everything!!
practice (sports)
What classes? I skip them all... or does lunch count?
Cheer practice

Question 8:What's your favorite sport?
I don't do sports, I watch them.
I don't have time for sports.
Anything! I'll try it!

Question 9:You reach into your pocket, and Viola! You have a piece of paper... what's on it?
Gum that I chewed earlier.
Notes for chem lab.
The times of all my practices this week.
A drawing of some guy on a skateboard. (I think it's my boyfriend?)
Some dudes number... not that he has a chance, or that I'll remember.

Question 10:Last of all, what group do you THINK you fall under?
I'm a misfit, I have no label.
I don't know... that's why I'm taking this thing.
the athletes
Punk or Goth
Prep! *duh*

This Quiz has been designed by Britney.