What Label Are You?
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What Label Are You?

Are you a prep, a brain, or a punk? Ever wondered the slightest? Take this test!

Question 1:After school, while waiting for your ride, you would most likely:
Listen to very, very loud punk rock.
Gossip with friends about celebrities and makeup.
Study for your next quiz.

Question 2:There's this party, but you have to babysit your little bro. You:
Babysit. You don't want to be grounded!
Sneak out to the party. You can't miss out on it!!
Go to the party just to annoy your parents, but end up having no fun with all those preps there!

Question 3:A guy you're not interested in asks you out. You:
Mumble no, but end up having to go out with him anyway.
Giggle. YOU go OUT with HIM? He is, like, SUCH a geek!
Say, "I wouldn't go out with YOU if you were the last boy on earth!!!"

Question 4:Your college application is lacking college activities, and you don't want to get rejected by your top choice. You take up:
I wouldn't take up an after-school activity. Just to get in to college? NO THANKS!!!
My college application wouldn't lack after school activities! I'm already, like, the star cheerleader!!!
Chess club or newspaper.

Question 5:You hear some people gossiping about you in the bathroom hall. They are saying:
"She is, like, so totally geeky! Like, NOT in OUR clique!!"
"I wish she didn't stand up for herself as often. Then she would be less hurt."
"She is such a blonde bimbo! I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know how to spell cat!"

Question 6:What's your position on school cafeteria food?
Hmm, it seems to have bad ingredients in it that make people sick....
OMG!!! Like, so totally gross!
Rebel against it!!! rebel against it!!!

Question 7:If you had one wish, what would it be?
For my crush to like me.
To get on the dean's list.
To meet Eminem.

Question 8:Your worst nightmare would be:
To not get into my dream college.
To be like Britney Spears...puke!
To be fat .

Question 9:Most of your friends are:

Question 10:Your friend dares you to jump in the mud...in your new sweater. You:
Don't go in. This is your new sweater!!!
Go in! Your parents will be SO mad!!!
Consider the pros and cons of going in.

Question 11:Do you smoke?
Yes-----I like the annoyed look on my parents' faces when I come home with a cigarette.
Sometimes, but only to gain acceptance of friends.
Um, NO!!! Smoking is BAD for you!!!

Question 12:The quarter has ended, and your grades are in. What are they?
Mostly C's and D's. I don't do enough, so I get grounded.
Mostly A's. Harvard, here I come!!!
Mostly B's and C's. I did enough, but I always passed notes in class.

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