Want a Label? Here. Have one.
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Want a Label? Here. Have one.

Well... there's the option of reading the title. And these labels are original ones... mostly.

Question 1:Describe your current state of mind in a song title:
All For You
I Love Myself Today
Emotion Sickness

Question 2:How do you want to die?
With a lot of blood and pain, and drama, and screaming.
Saving the Day
I will never die. I am immortal.
Eating french fries, in the restaurant on the corner...
Jumping off a cliff, with no-one remembering me.

Question 3:Who do you worship?
There is no monarchy, no God, no-one else.
No one but myself.
Zogg - god of punk... er... I think.
Um... that's... I'll tell you in Truth or Dare at the next sleep over.
The... runny babbit.

Question 4:Who's after your blood?
*blinks* I was hoping you would tell me that... but... Harold I think. He hasn't been happy since we launched a campaign to destroy his pizza factory.
Why do you care?
The voices in my head. They keep telling me to kill myself.
Oh... that would be... mm yeah. They kinda fancied my partner.
Whoever it is they shall be beheaded.

Question 5:Which food do you like best?
The food of love... (Oh can you smell the cheese? Cheese is a good food. Go with cheese.)
Well... chocolate. If I feel like chocolate. If I don't feel like chocolate I won't eat it. I might it chickpeas or something.
Good quality food. At the very least Waitrose's own.
Have you ever noticed that all the best foods start with 'Ch'? That is to say, unless you like artichokes. That starts with 'Ar'.
Just bring on the WKD, bacardi breezer, or any other alcopop you can afford.

Question 6:What do think you'll be reincarnated as?
Oh God... well I don't want to die any time soon. But... a french person?
Avril Lavigne's daughter hopefully. I like sympathize with like everything she's like been through. Like whatever.
A mighty Lion. Or a dragon possibly.
A flea? Maybe. I could be a blade of grass again. Either way my life would be pretty short. And I might get an interesting one afterwards. That is if there is reincarnation. I was thinking about it some time in the past...
Well I don't want to be an Arwen follower, or a minion of Harold, or a carpet person... but a duck would be nice.

Question 7:Choose a colour:
Grey. Or Black.
Neon Pink.

Question 8:Where would you like to be right now?
In someone's arms.
A distant planet with life forms similar to humans.
At a bangin' gig.
Here's good.
On a Throne.

Question 9:Choose a number:
5 000 000

Question 10:What would you prefer to be doing?
Sipping Rosé while beating my naughty slaves senseless. They should have known better than to rebel.
Laughing, sitting on top of a hill, in the dark, laughing. And loving. Loving and laughing. And laughing.
Drinking my trusty Red Square.
Floating. You won't realize how good it is till you try it, but floating. In the sea. Go on, try it. Actually. Don't pollute my sea.
Painting the great fish in the sky.

Question 11:An argument starts. How do you react?
Who's this argument between? I'll either try to stop it or ignore it. I just hope it won't leave things in a bad way.
Skip off muttering to myself about motorbikes.
Get in the thick of it. Give them a piece of my mind. Just for a laugh.
Sit down and cover my head. I really don't care whether someone's right or someone's wrong, or anything.
Well. I'm right. Of course. So basically I command all to listen to me.

Question 12:Has this quiz been a life changing experience for you?
Actually it has been irrelevant to my life and a waste of time.
In every respect.
How can I say, when I don't know the outcome?
Well, sorry, but no dude. I gotta life.

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