What is your label?
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What is your label?

What do people see you as? Take this test and find out! (not to be taken seriously)

Question 1:   You see yourself as:
A normal person
A prep
A psychotic killer
A geek
A punk

Question 2:   You walk into school wearing your normal clothes. The first person you see:
doesn't see you.
shrieks "Oh my gawd! That shirt is SO fab! Where'd you get it?"
waves and says "Hi!'
rolls his/her eyes at your unfashionable attire.
mutters "Nice spikes." Sarcastically.

Question 3:   Your significant other...
killed him/her self last Christmas
is nice and considerate
is, like, the totally hottest person in school
plays a bad-ass bass/guitar/drums
exists only in your head

Question 4:   Your car is a...
pimped out Corvette convertible
a lime green VW Beetle
rusted out Buick you spray-painted black with blood-like red streaks
a dull blue car with expensive speakers in the trunk

Question 5:   You listen to...
depressing music (this includes country)
classical music
whatever's on the radio
rap, hip-hop... whatever's on the cool stations!

Question 6:   Being a punk means...
Being a happy-go-lucky person
Being brave
Wearing baggy clothes and dying your hair weird colors
Being a little TOO different
No rules

Question 7:   You are most likely to be dragged into the principal's office for:
your depressing attitude and repeated attempts at suicide
Being awarded the School Spirit Award
being out of class without a pass
Blowing up the science lab in protest of biased policies
Switching the library computers to Linux from Windows

Question 8:   The hottest, most popular person in the school asks you out.
Typical day.
(S)he noticed me!
You're planning to commit suicide that night, so you decline.
What the hell...? This must be a conspiracy by the government.
You're honored. That is so cool!

Question 9:   Sex.
In my car or yours?
Fuck off.
Only if I'm truly in love.
It's a way to stave off the depression.

Question 10:   Your favorite celebrity is:
Matt Damon/Julia Stiles
Like, who's ever popular that week!
Bill Gates
Marilyn Monroe. She killed herself, right?
The guys from Blink 182

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