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Humans are puzzling creatures. Try to lump us in with this or that group and we'll often assert, all injured defiance, "But I'm an INDIVIDUAL! Don't put ME in your stupid BOX! I am SO much more than you see!" Yet, for all this ranting and raving, all we really want is to belong and be liked. (Be honest - you'd LOVE to have a million followers on Instagram!)
Once cavemen started living in groups for safety, stereotypes started to evolve. Stereotyping can be tricky. If you like the group you're being stereotyped into, you'll proudly wear their T-shirt, hang out with them constantly, and get loud and proud about whatever you all supposedly are. If not, you'll strive to show everyone you're not THAT person, and do whatever that entails (wear all black/shave your head/get that tattoo lasered off).
Yes, we humans can be pretty contrary and paradoxical at times. But all in all, we're an OK bunch. If you'd like to know what stereotypical group(s) you belong to, try some of the quizzes in this section. If learning your result gives you a feeling of happiness and belonging, roll with it. If not, just keep being the awesome individual you already are!

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1150 days ago
I would not "love" to have a social media following. Honestly yes i want to be liked. But people wjo dont like me areny worth my time.