What Stereotype Are You?
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What Stereotype Are You?

Answer 10 dumb questions and this quiz will lump you into one of 5 generic categories!

Question 1:What was your favorite childhood toy?
Star Wars Toys!
Toy Guns!
Jem! Or movie maniacs!
Tickle Me Elmo/ Cabbage Patch Kid
Barbie dolls/ GI Joe

Question 2:It's Saturday night: you are…
Hanging at the mall- checking people out
Hanging out in a parking lot with my peeps
Going to see my favorite local band at a club
At a party/ hanging with my buds
At my friend's house, playing Twisted Metal 3/ role playing games

Question 3:You like to
Writing bad poetry at a coffee shop and sketching
Play on the computer
Cruising around with my friends
Talking on my cell phone

Question 4:Most likely phrase to come out of your mouth:
My Elf kills your Wizard with the Blade of Gendol
Did you see the Osborne’s last night?!?
#!%$ me gently with a chainsaw
Oh my god! Like, math is hard!
Me and my homies want to get drunk!

Question 5:Your favorite film from this list would be
Edward Scissorhands/ Amelie
Anything with Heath Ledger or Mandy Moore. He/ she is hot!
Star Wars! And Clerks!

Question 6:Your favorite TV show from this list is:
South Park/ The Young Ones
Real World/ Music Videos
I wish Eminem had his own cartoon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Smallville
Dawson's Creek/ Friends

Question 7:Your favorite musical artist listed is:
Brittany Spears/ NSYNC
Aaliyah/ 3 Doors Down
P Diddy/ J Lo
Tori Amos/ system of a Down
Devo/ Weird Al

Question 8:How would you decorate your car?
Alt a couple bumper stickers of my favorite band, leopard seat covers and steering wheel cover, a hula girl on the dash…. I could go on….
I wouldn’t- my car cost too much!
Pimped out to the max
Just an American flag sticker and maybe some Mardi ras beads on the rear view mirror
A “YOU! Get out of the Gene Pool!” bumper sticker

Question 9:Your pants:
Cheap pants sewed into funky pants
Tight pants
Big Pants that don’t fit!
Pants are pants.
60$ designer pants

Question 10:My favorite jewelry is:
A one of a kind glass bead necklace
A Celtic designed ring
Big and gold
Something with my significant others name on it
Diamonds! They are always in style

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