Which stereotype are you most like?
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Which stereotype are you most like?

So, there are a lot of stereotypes out there for high school/junior high. And all you teens out there wanna know where you fit in? then check this out!

Question 1:   How do you dress normally?
Dark drabby clothing...I could care less what people think
I follow all the latest trends and read my share of fashion magazines!
I have that skater look with my element and zumiez tees.
I wear my plaid shirts with my bow ties and overalls
I wear my adidas shirts with my nike sneakers and some jeans.

Question 2:   What do you think of school?
It's boring and stupid
I like it to socialize with my friends and learn too of course, got to impress mummy and daddy with my grades!
I don't know...it's ok, to see my friends, but the learning part stinks
I love school! Learning is so much fun, and I get to show off my new T-450 calculator
I like gym and lunch...and the team

Question 3:   What do you do in your spare time?
I think...and I don't do much, sometimes art or poetry though.
I like go to the mall and spend my daddy's money and I study too, and talk.
I skate and listen to my music, and play video games too.
I study and do my work, and if I get the chance, I'll sharpen my pencils and polish my calculator.
I play sports with my buds. and I'll work out to get in shape.

Question 4:   What are your favorite colors?
black, grey, red
pink, white, yellow
blue, red, grey
chartreuse, an amoeba's color, brown is cool too.
blue, red, green

Question 5:   Do you have many friends?
not really...who cares about them anyway
yes of course! Friends are what keep me going.
Yea, I guess whatever
No, for some reason, not many people come up to me, oh well, more time for study!
yea, my friends totally rock

Question 6:   Do you have good grades?
I don't know, nor do I care
yes! I must have good grades for daddy, then he'll be proud.
not really...but whatever
YES! this is what I work for everyday
No, I keep getting warned I'll be getting kicked off the team.

Question 7:   Favorite types of movies?
horror, scar face, stuff like that
Chick flicks!
whatever's out
no time for movies! study study study!
I don't know, whenever I'm in the movies, I'm usually busy checking out the chicks.

Question 8:   and Music?
heavy metal/rock, like system of a down, slipknot, metallica
Pop, sometimes light rock
Rock, punk bands, like weezer, mxpx, buzzcocks
Classical, the works of Mozart, Beethoven
Rock and New stuff, rap sometimes

Question 9:   Do people ever make fun of you?
yea, a lot, but I try to ignore them, and let my emotions out later.
No! hello? I'm popular, but I don't think it's right for people to do that.
No, not really, maybe, sometimes, but whatever.
Yes, all the time, well I am smarter anyway, let's see where they'll end up in their future.
No, I win all the games and get all the girls.

Question 10:   And finally...let this be a scenario type question...If a kid was getting beat up right next to you, what would you do?
I'd keep walking, that or I wouldn't of noticed they were there.
I'd walk over to the bully and tell them to stop it! that's not nice at all!
I'd keep walking, or maybe join in, depends.
I'd be too busy getting to class on time.
I'd either go beat up the bully, or help beat up the kid, depends who I like more.

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