What high school girl stereotype are you?

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There are many feminine stereotypes in high school, but which one do you fall into? (You do not have to be female to take this quiz)

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    Which of these is your favorite (or your lest hated) color?

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198 days ago
You are the Flirtatious Butterfly. You are really social, hence the butterfly, but you also like to flirt with any attractive being. You have no shame in awkward situations, and if one of your BFFs is in trouble, you will assemble the squad and lend them a helping hand
True but I don't flirt with every attractive person.
330 days ago
Beautiful dork has a point. But...

Flirtatious butterfly -_-
330 days ago
Surprisingly, this could be accurate. Except I don't flirt with everyone. Well maybe just a bit. But I keep in on the low. But definitely can be a socially butterfly. Even with my social anxiety. I talk to a lot of people. As when it comes go being flirty. I can be and I have no shame in werid situations. I'll just laugh at myself. Or be embarrassed and forget it quickly after. And I have an army of buds. That will be killed if someone touches me. Anyways, nice quiz and all! It was really fun and interesting to take!
337 days ago
If there was anything that had to do with a flirtatious butterfly, it would be me flirting with chicken nuggets.
337 days ago
Ummm, I don't see the flirtatious butterfly in me. To tell the truth, I'm more of a friendly nerd! :)
705 days ago
it says nice nerd which i dont think I am and other quizzes dont. I mean I am smart I guess but care more about friends and am kinda popular soooo
752 days ago
I actually got flirtatious butterfly
753 days ago
OMG I GOT EMO LMAOOOOAOOAOOAOA bro kinda wish i got like ´the crazy hoe" or summin sdhc hadb clhbfvkqhbfvh
889 days ago
nice nerd? lol. i'm just a nice popular girl that doesn't flirt with boys and does well in school.
947 days ago
flirtatious butterfly? Ok I don't see it but i told my sis and she said she could see it so... ok.
1019 days ago
Emo lmao
1184 days ago
I’m a “nice nerd” try to keep everyone happy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!