What Highschool 'stereotype' are you?

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We all know these popular Highschool movies, such as Mean Girls or Clueless. And as we all know, every Highschool movie has their own famous stereotypes. But have you ever wondered what stereotype fits you? Do the test to find out! (Please keep in mind that these are very generalized stereotypes and say nothing about your personality, popularity, intelligence, whatsoever.)

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    Let's start with the first question! How many friends do you have?

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88 days ago
Got 70% average 20%nerd and 10%mean which completely true except I'm 30-40% and 60-50%average 🤓😙
503 days ago
i'm 70% the average kid yay! kinda acurate
it said i was 10% nerd just because i said i liked books though
and also i was 10% mean cause i said i thought i was cool. i mean if you don't like me it's not my problem. i try no to care about what people think of me.🙃
575 days ago
Yeah I got loner. I know I am anyways though. lol I have like 3 friends.
581 days ago
60% loner...wow.
Am i only one here that the LONER is bigger than anything.
670 days ago
I got 20% on all of them
771 days ago
60% queenbee 20% mean kid 10% nerd 10% average 0% loner This was so fun! I feel like these are mostly true, dunno what people think about me but always wondering lol.
781 days ago
40% nerd, 30% avarage 10%loner 10% meanie and 10% queen bee!
basically myself
786 days ago
I had 50% average 20% mean 10% nerd 10% loner 10% queen bee, which sums me up to be honest.
822 days ago
I got 80% average and 20% loner which is accurate
866 days ago
908 days ago
There wasnt a kpop option qWq
936 days ago
Loner. Wait, what? 👀
950 days ago
Hahaaa I'm your basic average 🍦
993 days ago
i got everything except the mean kid! love that
996 days ago
the average kid. i mean yeah, i guess so
1031 days ago
love this quiz! queen bee
1033 days ago
Actually that was pretty much exact!
1075 days ago
Queen Bee obviously!!!!! I expected that!
1082 days ago
Quiet nerd. Yep that's pretty much me.