Are you Yin or Yang?
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Are you Yin or Yang?

The Chinese Yin and Yang is an ancient symbol for balance, with Yin representing darkness and Yang representing light. Try this test now to find out which of these forces mainly drives you, or whether you are equal in both.

Question 1:Are you a male, or a female?
Does it matter?

Question 2:Are you mainly a left-brain or a right-brain thinker?
Right-brain (creative/artistic thinking)
Left-brain (linear/logical/organized thinking)
I use both sides of my brain equally

Question 3:Do you prefer night or day?
I don't have a preference

Question 4:Do you prefer sunlight or moonlight?
Sunlight - it's warm and comfortable, and feels safer than night
I don't have a preference
Moonlight - it's cool, refreshing and mysterious

Question 5:Which season do you prefer?

Question 6:Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
Half full
It could be either, depending on when I am asked
Half empty

Question 7:Would you rather spend your time playing tennis or tanning, poolside?
I'd rather play tennis - I get antsy when I have to sit somewhere for too long
No preference - I do both
I would rather be relaxing by a pool anytime

Question 8:Which colors do you like best?
Light shades of yellow, green, orange, etc.
It depends my mood - my favorite colors change all the time
Dark colors - blue, black, maroon, etc.

Question 9:Which of these would you most like to do?
Play outside or read a book
Watch TV, shop, or read magazines
Meditate/tap into my intuition to be my most spiritual self

Question 10:How do you do in school?
Great! I always have a high GPA, get my homework done's all going well
I do fine most of the time, but my grades slip a little sometimes, like when I'm not well-organized
Not always so well - I procrastinate a lot with my homework and am not super-organized

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