Dreamer Quiz
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Dreamer Quiz

This quiz is a little funky number to give a slight insight into your dreams.

Question 1:In your lifetime, what would you most wish to accomplish?
To explore the edges of the world without the worries of a 9-5 life.
To be there, always, for my friends during their times of joy and sorrow.
Simply to have enough time to accomplish SOMETHING! A great windfall that would allow me to the money and time to realize my dreams.
Everything! There's precious little I don't wish to accomplish!

Question 2:I am fascinated with...
My toes.
The great mysteries of life.
My own emotions, or the emotions of those around me.
Living organisms.

Question 3:You've been cursed by fate... which of the following would be more devastating?
Being horribly disfigured in a tragic accident.
Losing my memory, forgetting everything important to my life and my soul.
Being unable to help a person who I would be forced to watch suffer.
Suffering from a fraud scam, and being unjustly punished by the justice system.

Question 4:Which of the following sound more appealing to you?
Five thousand dollars, tax free.
A week long vacation from your stresses.
A chance to finish your projects and achieve your goals.
A weekend with your best friend to relax, eat at the finest restaurants, swim in the ocean and explore the deepest caves.

Question 5:When you close your eyes and think of the people who matter the most to you, which of the following seems to make more sense:
Your parents and immediate family, including husband or wife, children, etc.
The latest love interest, who you hold dear.
The people I have yet to meet… strangers offer new and wonderful things to my world.
Anyone who has been there for me in the past, held my hand, and helped me reach my dreams.

Question 6:When you look at your hands, what do you see?
Fingers. A palm. Skin.
Lines… too many to count, but they all touch another line, and somehow form intricate patterns on something that seems so simple.
A curiosity of the most fascinating bit of the body. I can both love and hate with these appendages.
Callused fingers.

Question 7:You are passed over for a raise at your next evaluation. Why?
It is not a happy work environment.
I would rather be in another profession
I think, perhaps, I'm trying too hard.. but that will never change.
There's just so much on my "to do" list that I can't keep up!

Question 8:Do you consider yourself to be ambitious?
Yes, but circumstances do not allow for me to follow my dreams.
I've never really thought about it.

Question 9:Beautiful handwriting is due to...
The writer.
The pen.
The hand the pen is held in.

Question 10:Your last failure was due to...
Poor luck. I often suffer from horrible conditions and circumstances.
Lack of funding and time.
I tried desperately, but I may have over looked a detail.
It's rare that I fail, the last time was simply a fluke.

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