Am I Sensitive to the Paranormal? Quiz

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    God is...
  • 2
    A Government conspiracy ...
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    Urban Legends are...
  • 5
    Ghosts are...
  • 6
    People who spend hundreds of dollars for those haunted items on ebay (Like the haunted rubber ducky, of the clown doll) are...

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    Psychics are...
  • 8
    The pyramids were...
  • 9
    Witchcraft is...
  • 10
    Vampires are...

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440 days ago
I also see things it is very creepy and everyone thinks I am crazy
999 days ago
Ellee that is either good which means you are a great gifted person or it was the devil you have done a terrible sin now you must go to hell and burn or much worse.
1000 days ago
Nobody believes me well at least I see other people commenting what they have seen and what really creeps me out is that a I have seen some of the same exact things😨
1567 days ago
I mean witches are real but not necessarily in the sense of pop culture. Being a witch is a part of a spirituality and saying they don't exist is like saying monks or priests don't exist. How much actual power these people have is a question of beliefs but witches/witchcraft/magick/covens are all as real as churches. Again, matter of belief but no one is questioning the actual existance of these people.
1608 days ago
The veil is thinner then you realize. Since my childhood I have seen ghost and it took me a long time to deal with this gift that runs in my family. I hope you will accept it one day Annita.
1721 days ago
I've seen a ghost. He usually comes to me in my dreams, but the past couple of days I've seen him while I'm awake.
1734 days ago
I don't know how to deal with what I am seeking, and seeking. You know I was coming for answers as no one believes me
1788 days ago
Ive seen a gray mist standing behind me in my room once, once on a dead end road,and the other day I say two orbs in the kitchen. I heard a ghost say something to me,but I couldn't make out what it could have said hello or my name in a way that sounds like hello,sorta.I hear foot steps,I seen things move that there is no way not even physics can prove mom a few months ago said she heard footsteps in the hall.but no one was in the hall at that time.I could write a book about this stuff.