Do you know what your dream means?

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Ok, you will be given a dream and then you will pick the answer that fits what you think the dream is trying to tell you!

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    The dream: You and your friends are walking down the street.One of them wanders into the road.A truck is coming.You try to yell to him but he doesn't seem to hear you.Just before the truck hits him you wake up.What was the dream trying to tell you?
  • 2
    The dream: You are on your front steps when a cat comes to you.It sits on the sidewalk and stares at you.You love this cat! Suddenly it jumps up and runs.Just when it leaves a fox skids to a halt where it was.What is this dream telling you?
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    The dream: You are sitting in a field with your dog laying beside you.Suddenly he jumps up and kills a deadly snake that had been slithering before you.You had not seen the snake before.What is this dream telling you?

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    The dream: You are climbing a mountain when you see a hawk circling just above your head.You try to shoo it away but it digs razor sharp claws into your arm.You lose your footing and fall.What is this dream telling you?
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    The dream: You are sitting at home when a fox comes and sits at your side.Your best friend comes and sits next to the fox.What is this dream telling you?
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    The dream: You are in a field of rocks and dirt.A dragon is sleeping nearby.It wakes up and stares at you confidently.You feel the urge to do something terrible as it continues to stare.What does this mean?

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    The dream: You see a friend of yours far off in the distance and they are calling out to you.You can't hear what they are saying but you don't think it's bad.Just then a black pit opens up beneath their feet and they fall.You try to help them but they're gone.What is the dream warning you of?
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    The dream: You see a friend balancing on a tight rope over a volcano.She is about to fall and you can't do anything to help her.What is this dream telling you?
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36 days ago
Hi this test said 50% but dreams can mean more than one certain thing but whoever made this quiz then this was fun and it was cool to think about all the reasons it could mean something. Okie thats all bye😊
36 days ago
Hi I'm back i completely forgot id already done this untill I saw my comment lol
134 days ago
Hi guys you might have seen me post before. Whoever made this you did a pretty good job. Thanks for making this :)
677 days ago
just cause I quiz was kinda bad and kinda gud
677 days ago
Do you know what your dream means?
For 50% you are: You know exactly what dreams mean.Certain dreams you are sent are telling you that you need to be more careful or that you have to avoid a certain thing.You look deeper into the emotion of the dream rather than what you see.
61% of 5584 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 50% you are: You are starting to learn how to read dreams! You understand things differently then others but you have to look at the emotion of the dream before you look at what the people or animals are doing. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: You don't understand dreams.You only see what is happening not feel what is happening.You have to feel see and think about the dream.You may see a fox.Foxes usually symbol distrust.Depending on what's going on it may be telling you to distrust a friend. Profile C
1797 days ago
It says I don't understand dreams.
1891 days ago
Great! It says I can figure dreams out good.