Do I Have A Paranormal Power?

Have you ever felt like you have a sixth sense that goes beyond what science can explain? Do you ever find yourself knowing things without being told, or sensing the presence of something that others can't? If so, you may have paranormal abilities.
This quiz will ask you a series of questions designed to assess whether you have any psychic or supernatural powers. Keep in mind that not everyone possesses these abilities, and even those who do may not always be able to control or access them.

So, are you ready to discover your potential paranormal powers? Take the test and find out!

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108 days ago
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! THIS IS INSAANE I GOT PREDICTING THE FUTURE(which I feel I can actually do) AND I GOT MIND READING((which I definitely can’t do)although I can like sense peoples feelings like HIKARI(42995) said hey maybe I’m moonwatcher from wings of fire(READ THE SERIES)(NOW)
127 days ago
I got mind reading. Actually I can't. But I can definitely say that whether he or she is sad,angry,happy,moody(💗)etc.i think 🤔 this is accurate.
131 days ago
Took it again, and I got that I could sense spirits, which I’d definitely true. The pain is horrifying but worth it. Quiz is extremely accurate, and I highly recommend it to anyone. For anyone else with paranormal abilities, good luck :)
183 days ago
OMFG I LOVE WOF SO MUCH 🤣 ME AND MY EX BFF PLAYED IT SO MUCH IN SECOND GRADE she just stopped wanting to though 😂 WOF IS AWESOME!!! And I got mind reading too!!

I honestly feel like I can sense spirits a lot more than read minds though. But anyways, this is a great quiz!! Seems very accurate!!! Thx for making it!!:)
357 days ago
Sense spirits & tell the future both true and I even did it again and it said the same thing
379 days ago
30%- being able to sense spirits
382 days ago
Moving stuff with mind… funny, i used to bend spoons as a child, … in addition to that… I as well could constantly pick the correct card at the top of a deck or whatever was a card picked by someone in a deck, as well knowing what number someone was thinking of…. i am pretty sure now i can either put thoughts in peoples heads or know what they are thinking/feeling… but then some of that may just be me good at picking up on energies? Regardless, we all are much more capable then we allow ourselves to believe. If we can get past the whole society bs about things not being possible then we can probably get back to what we used to be like… which was way more in touch with our natural abilities such as the ones i have mentioned earlier…we all have these “powers” or whatever you want to call them… just some of us are less worried about what others will think and are ourselves… being unconcerned about others opinions, and choosing to believe anything is possible helps break down the wall that blinds us to our capabilities… GOOD LUCK BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Love to all and may The Good Lord bless and keep you always.
437 days ago
I got mind reading! The funny thing is I can actually read minds. I discovered this last year. My and my 2 friends were on the turf field playing wings of fire. I was roleplaying as a night wing ( a dragon that can read minds) when Kendyl asked me if I could read her mind. I agreed told and told her to think of something. When she had something in her mind, I put my hand up to her forehead and closed my eyes, then I said what I thought she was thinking. Kendyl roled back onto the ground and told me I was correct. I was filled with excitment. My other friend, Zoe asked me to read her mind. While I couldn't read hers I tried reading Kendyl's mind 2 more times getting both correct. Since then my powers have grown, while I'm still not able to read people's mind freely, I've been getting more and more thoughts correct and sometimes I can read minds without touching my hand to their forehead and closing my eyes. While I haven't attempted to read minds in a while, I hope that in a few years I can freely read minds.
721 days ago
i sense spirts already and predict the future once i said tomorrow my mom is going to die and she died in perfect health and she died for no reason AND once i said my bf is going to cheat and he did ahhhhhh
759 days ago
For 30% you are: So what is your paranormal power? You have the potential to be able to sense spirits - or maybe you can already do it. Keep your ears, eyes and nose open for ones that might be around you - but don't fear them. They mean no harm...not most of them, anyway.
18% of 49128 quiz participants had this profile!

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: So what is your paranormal power? You have the potential of being able to predict the future - or maybe you can already do it. Next time a thought suddenly pops into your head, jot it down. It might come true! Oh, and if you dream in numbers, BUY A LOTTO TICKET! yes sooo true I already do both of these it works I love ghosts
828 days ago
Brush I'm scared but I took a test and it said I need to be more happy 🙄
828 days ago
MY SCORE WASNT CLEAR? But the two scores are kinda correct? Apparently I can sense spirits(I do hallucinate and I get cold sometimes) and I got to predict the future. ICAN PREDICT THE FUTURE I DREAMT OF 2020 plz tell me this quiz is wrong.
852 days ago
@THisisastrangecoincedence, i have this power too, apparently. usually i just try and get a good sleep and sometimes i’ll dream. well it turns out not to be a dream, more of a premonition in dream form because within a week, the thing i dream happens for real. it’s not deja vu i know it’s not.
906 days ago
Seriously though if anyone else has this and knows how to access and use it please post help…
I really want to use this.
Like my friend!
906 days ago
Apparently I can see the future
My friend said (not too recently) that they can see the future
I started researching yesterday,
and today I got these results...

*evil laugh*
917 days ago
Right, so I got something like I can read people's thoughts around me, this kinda feels like it sometimes but not all the time and it might just be my imagination. But I do know that sometimes I'll think of what I'll have for tea and an image comes into my head and my mum ends up giving me what I thought of later on.
I can relate to you guys a lot but I feel so lost about it all. I just need someone to help me and tell me what's going on, what do I do with them if they are powers and how do I make them stronger??
938 days ago
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957 days ago
thats a really great gift to have you can use it for many things an if you can master it, you can look back on things, into the past and it could help save lives use it wisely
966 days ago
I feel energy and I see angels and auras i see things before they happen, its nice to know im not alone....
966 days ago
Am I crazy because I can see auras, sense energy, and see what happens before it does?!!??! Am I crazy, no im not XD