Do I Have A Paranormal Power?

If you don't already know, paranormal means "denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis/clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding." YOU might be developing some type of paranormal power - or maybe you already have one! Wouldn't it be fun to know for sure? Try this quiz to find out!

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17 days ago
For 30% you are: So what is your paranormal power? You have the potential to be able to sense spirits - or maybe you can already do it. Keep your ears, eyes and nose open for ones that might be around you - but don't fear them. They mean no harm...not most of them, anyway.
18% of 49128 quiz participants had this profile!

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You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: So what is your paranormal power? You have the potential of being able to predict the future - or maybe you can already do it. Next time a thought suddenly pops into your head, jot it down. It might come true! Oh, and if you dream in numbers, BUY A LOTTO TICKET! yes sooo true I already do both of these it works I love ghosts
87 days ago
Brush I'm scared but I took a test and it said I need to be more happy 🙄
87 days ago
MY SCORE WASNT CLEAR? But the two scores are kinda correct? Apparently I can sense spirits(I do hallucinate and I get cold sometimes) and I got to predict the future. ICAN PREDICT THE FUTURE I DREAMT OF 2020 plz tell me this quiz is wrong.
111 days ago
@THisisastrangecoincedence, i have this power too, apparently. usually i just try and get a good sleep and sometimes i’ll dream. well it turns out not to be a dream, more of a premonition in dream form because within a week, the thing i dream happens for real. it’s not deja vu i know it’s not.
165 days ago
Seriously though if anyone else has this and knows how to access and use it please post help…
I really want to use this.
Like my friend!
165 days ago
Apparently I can see the future
My friend said (not too recently) that they can see the future
I started researching yesterday,
and today I got these results...

*evil laugh*
176 days ago
Right, so I got something like I can read people's thoughts around me, this kinda feels like it sometimes but not all the time and it might just be my imagination. But I do know that sometimes I'll think of what I'll have for tea and an image comes into my head and my mum ends up giving me what I thought of later on.
I can relate to you guys a lot but I feel so lost about it all. I just need someone to help me and tell me what's going on, what do I do with them if they are powers and how do I make them stronger??
197 days ago
Its cool, and blh sdghkjsakjhdjhksfjhsjdhbsjhbdjscbscmbjnc bjachcukjasgfkuygafuygayjgfjhgsyjmaasfmy jjmf
216 days ago
thats a really great gift to have you can use it for many things an if you can master it, you can look back on things, into the past and it could help save lives use it wisely
225 days ago
I feel energy and I see angels and auras i see things before they happen, its nice to know im not alone....
225 days ago
Am I crazy because I can see auras, sense energy, and see what happens before it does?!!??! Am I crazy, no im not XD
225 days ago
Who knows they can the future......
234 days ago
i have the stone because im one of the last... nvm my powers they are different, very different. the stone is safer in my hands trust me, that stone holds power no human can stand to have, its power is to strong it would tear the person apart and that goes for everyone not of my kind.
243 days ago
Love the vibes face face :)
253 days ago
I love reading these comments because it reminds me I'm not a freak and I'm bot alone with my crazy powers if your reading this and you have weird powers you are bot alone and also dont get kidnapped and if you do. DO NOT USE YOUR POWERS because THEY WILL EXPERIMENT ON YOU AND POSSIBLY KILL YOU SO DONT USE YOUR POWERS IN PUBLIC AND DONT SHOW THEM OFF JUST TO BE COOL so if you have powers be responsible and we should all pitch in and become heroes because we have powers for a reason to use them have fun my fellow powered people and know YOU ARE SPECIAL WAYYY MORE SPECIAL THAN THOSE REGULAR HUMAN
268 days ago
uh did you put in the same answers every time?
268 days ago
This is fake I tried a 1000000000 times and it came up with the same answer LIAR!?!
270 days ago
And why do you have the power stone if it"s supposed to be all spooky and powerful why isn't it in like some castle or something with a bunch of magic people guarding it or something like that.
270 days ago
whoa I uh don't really have that many people in my life. My mom and dad died when I was little but I do have my best friend. I'm scared to tell her though.
271 days ago
but only if i get wet and that power stone is dangerous I should know I have it, those guys are called hunters and being a mermaid isn't the only thing i can do i cant say my real name so just call me v like my friend does if those guys come back run go to a crowed place and find help might be helpful if there's someone your with a lot of close to knows fires a hard power an can be difficult to master but you'll get it eventually just like i did