Are You An Indigo Child?

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An Indigo Child/Person is a rare individual that possesses natural spiritual gifts that they inherited as a young child. Chances are, you could be one.

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    Can you feel the seasons? Do they have a certain energy about them?
    Can you feel the seasons? Do they have a certain energy about them?

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467 days ago
So my answers weren't always there
Am I an indigo child if
Can you sense seasons?
I don't know
Do you feel a deep connection with the earth?
Can you sense something bad about to happen?
Do you sometimes feel a strange emotion in the rain
Can you sense if someone is dangerous?
As a child, did you feel like an outcast?
I feel different, but not an out cast exactly...
Do you ever think outside the box and see things in something that others don't?
Can you see auras?
Idk what an aura is but I see and sense the disturbance in the air around an object
Do you see or feel spirits near you
I sometimes feel them or it could be my imagination
Do people ever call you wise beyond your years?
468 days ago
I might be an indigo child UwU
529 days ago
I once saw a flash of my great grandpa once I have seen him once in a picture, but never what he really looked like, my aunt can see angels too-
529 days ago
You are an Indigo Child.

Spiritual gifts are deeply routed inside of you. You are unique and you are powerful. You are also very rare. Congratulations!

You have correctly answered 9 of 10 questions.

On average, 739 of users who took the quiz gave 5.48 right answers. OMG WHAAAAAAAT
565 days ago
I am not an indigo child but I am sensitive to spirits
602 days ago
When I sleep, I astral project into other people's lives or memories. I feel their pain, happiness, and sorrow. I can't control it. What do i do
620 days ago
I am not an Indio can Hilda but I am sensitive to spirits ,also my mum went to a phsycic and they said I was a crystal baby ???!!!
620 days ago
OMG SAME I SEE SPIRITS!! I once saw my great grandfather i never met !
667 days ago
It said I might be an indigo child! Well I do see spirits as little orbs and can see auras. :0
1000 days ago
Im an indigo child 🤔hmmmmmmmmm i always thought i was peculier 🙂
1238 days ago
to lilith: i know who u are... and i am too an indigo child
1239 days ago
I KNEW IT I allways thoght i was difrant