How's Your Intuition? Are You Spiritualy In Tune?
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How's Your Intuition? Are You Spiritualy In Tune?

Have you ever just known something without any reason? Was it totaly right? Or was it way wrong? Find out how spiritualy in tune you are.

Question 1:Have you ever had a 'I just know' moment?
Totaly! It happens all the time!
I think. Like twice maybe.
You mean like being psychic? Does that count?
What on earth are you talking about?

Question 2:If you have had a 'I just know' experience, how significant was it and how often does it happen?
It happens sometimes, for mostly the big stuff
Usualy it's important stuff, but not always. But it happens fairly often.
I still have no idea what you mean!
It happens rarely, and it's usually small things.

Question 3:Have you ever experienced a moment of 'Jinx' with someone? How often and who was it with?
Maybe once, but it was a total fluke.
Once or twice with my best bud, she's really more like a sister.
Me and my best bud have it happen all the time, but it happens with people I don't necessarily even like.
Fairly often with my best friends.

Question 4:Have you ever called someone, and they said, 'hey I was just thinking about calling you' and you know the meant it?
It happened like once or twice with my best bud, and I believe him/her.
No, never. Are you kidding me?
One time with my boyfriend/girlfriend. But I'm not sure that it was true.
Me and my best bud have that happen sometimes.

Question 5:Have you ever experienced 'dream time' dreams? That is where it's just you and another person talking, surrounded by infinite gray nothingness (in all directions).
Yes! It was so cool! I would love to really know if s/he had the same dream.
I'm not sure about that 'infinite gray nothingness' part, but it sounds similar.
NO. Who has that kind of freaking wierd dream?
I've had conversations with people in my sleep. Does that count?

Question 6:What is your opinion on fate?
Fate might exist, but I'm not taking chances.
Fate is a joke. No sane person believes in that.
Fate definately exists, but I think I can still change things if I want to.
Fate totaly exists!

Question 7:Are you a girly-girl, a tom-boy, a manly-man, or a sissy? (I promise I won't tell.)
I'm a tom-boy.
Truthfully? I'm a sissy. At lest I'm friends with all of the girls
I'm a manly-man. And that's the truth.
I'm a total girly-girl.

Question 8:Which of these is your favorite movie (yes, you have to pick one.)
'Tomb Raider'. She kicks but! And she's so smart.
'Bring It On'. We make our own luck.
'Final Destination'. It's all about cheeting death and fate.
'Ever After'. *Sigh.* Isn't it romantic?

Question 9:How many friends do you have?
A couple really close friends. Almost like sisters really.
Not many, and I don't really know them either. We just hang.
Lots, but I'm not really close to any of them. The price of being popular.
I have 2-3 best friends and lots of buds.

Question 10:What song best describes you?
'I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You' That's how it should always be.
'Wasn't Me', Shaggy. You gotta love it!
'Don't Turn Arround', Ace of Base. Who hasn't felt like that?
'Goodbye To You', by Michelle Branch. 'Cause sometimes things just don't work out.

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