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The latest, greatest looks everyone can wear!

It’s always a good time to rock a great new look! Here are some potentially cheap changes you can do yourself - or take to the pros if you’re feeling flush, but not so brave.

Let's be honest, fashion and makeup trends come and go. But some are just too good to miss out on! But not all of us have a celebrity makeup artist who fixes our face every time we go out. However, here's a little secret: Even Makeup Artists and Stylists need to research the newest trends and then practice until they perfect the look.

a woman with a brunette bob haircut wearing orange and yellow makeup

Let's see what we can do without hiring a professional makeup artist, shall we? Here are the newest but also classy beauty trends you can rock on a big or small budget!

1. Seeing red...everywhere!

Hair color has been warming up again. Scarlet and copper are the main tones to watch for, but rocking everything in-between is also hot. If you can’t quite see yourself as a redhead, try something softer but still warm, like peach, cinnamon brown, or strawberry blonde. If you’re DIYing it (i.e., dyeing it yourself), be sure to buy the highest quality color you can afford and to use the correct number of developer (Google it - or if you’re shopping at a beauty supply store, ask a salesperson for advice).

Any store-bought dye should be fine without you having to bleach your hair first IF you have light brown hair. Professionals say that level 7 hair (light brown) or natural blondes take on copper and red the best. But beware! If you have bleached or dark hair, you might want to see a professional, as it takes a bit of preparation to get your hair to such a vibrant color as red! You don't want to end up with green hair, right?

If you’re on a budget and have a discount/dollar store nearby, research their color brand(s) for reviews… you might be surprised by how good the cheap stuff actually is! If you’re hitting up a stylist, don’t forget to bring pics for them to look at. Don't leave your new look to their imagination, you might not get what you’re dreaming of.

a girl with wild red hair falling over her face

2. Layers upon layers!

a woman in tennis skirt and knit jumper vest walking next to a woman in wide leg trousers and a button-down shirt

You're in luck! The latest fashion trends are all about comfort!

Mix patterns and materials like a knitted sweater vest over a button-down cotton shirt to get ready for the cold season. Pair with a tennis skirt! You can add tights, and overknee socks when it gets colder - remember: Layers are your friend!

Go for a pair of wide-leg dad trousers and wear them with a comfy cut-off shirt to show off your midriff. Wear a blazer on top for an effortlessly chic look!

3. Claw (and clip) your way to the top!

a woman wearing two large pearl encrusted hair clips

You might know claw clips or butterfly clips…but whatever you call them, definitely rock them! This kind of plastic can only help make the world more beautiful! Clips are especially useful if you haven’t gotten a trim lately. You can find these babies literally everywhere, at every price point. Classic tortoise shell and solid colors never go out of style, but more elaborate clips (think faux pearl encrusted, for example) will be in big demand for the foreseeable future.

If you want a more sophisticated look, go for gold or silver hair clips! Keeps your hair out of your face and looks super chic!

4. Loving the skin you’re in!

Ever-clever Pinterest calls it, “skinimalism.” What does it mean for you? Enhancing your natural skin with super-minimal makeup. Instead of buying and applying tons of product (and waiting for it to drip down your face!), focus your efforts on taking great care of your skin - taking pride in it, rather than hiding it. You don’t have to empty your pocketbook to get quality products, either. Skin is in, so check your pharmacy or discount store for less expensive ways to lavish yours. This should be the first step when tackling those fall 2021 makeup trends!


Don't underestimate the effects of the sun on your face. Yes, getting your daily dose of vitamin D is vital but direct sunlight ages your skin, opens your pores, and can make you look older pretty quickly - even early on in life. So ditch your cheap moisturizer (that was designed to dry out your skin anyway) and opt for sunscreen instead. It's not just for us mask-wearing people who try to avoid awkward tan lines!

But before you grab your sunscreen, why not try this:

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

If you do want to give your skin that extra kick of moisture, try a Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The hype is justified! And the substance is already present in your body. It helps the skin hold on to moisture.

Cleanse your face, then splash it with water, but don't wipe it off! Apply the serum to your wet face and massage it in. It plumps your skin, fills the little lines, and locks in the water.

Next, you apply your sunscreen and that is all the skincare you need to keep your face happy!

a young woman doing her skincare routine

5. Doing “no makeup” makeup

If you wish you could ditch makeup for skinimalism, but don’t feel quite ready to take the plunge, try a monochrome makeup look! Something subtle and natural, but not completely bare. Look for berry and pink multiuse products that compliment your skin tones. These multipurpose products can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks and are available everywhere from your pharmacy to high-end beauty stores.

As a base, opt for some tinted moisturizer! Apply cream highlighter to the high points of your face (everywhere the light hits) and you've got yourself an effortless dewy fresh makeup look!

two young women with minimal makeup looking into the camera

6. Line up for some fun!

If you still need to wear a mask at times, that leaves only your eyes to express yourself. Make the most of them by going for fun and unexpected makeup looks!

Firstly, let's find the perfect shades for your eye color!

Colorful eyeliner and eyeshadow can make your eyes POP! Find complementary colors to your eye color and use those to emphasize their beauty!

Blue Eyes

  • Copper or brown eyeliner
  • Peachy and rose-colored smokey eyes

Hazel Eyes

  • Gold eyeliner
  • Blue and purple eyeshadows

Brown Eyes

  • Blue, cobalt, and teal eyeshadow
  • Golden tones for highlights in the corners

Green Eyes

  • Red, brown, and purple shades
  • Pair with a brown eyeliner

Glitter, mismatched colors, lining lower on the lash line, are just a few other ideas. You can start out slow with a classic cat eye with black eyeliner, or just jump in with both feet – er, eyes – into something wild and wonderful! Why not try a graphic liner? You can make it look classy or extreme for a night out. Fact is, you can't go wrong with these statement eyes.

a woman wearing red graphic eyeliner

7. Funky fingertips with some ooh la la!

When you think of a French manicure, you probably picture shiny, perfect pink-and-white nails. But right now, you’d be way off! Nail artists have been having fun dressing up the classic French mani, adding in everything from glitter to smiley faces, butterflies, and blast-from-the-past florals for an unexpected twist! A professional can deliver the best results, of course, but you can buy decals that give off the same funky feel. One of the best places to look for unique ones is

a hand showing off pink nail art with love written on the nails

This year, we are really nailing the fun manicure, with designs that haven’t been used since the ‘70s! Swiggles, swirls, and shapes have reemerged and feel both fresh and familiar. The natural tones give a welcome soft vibe. If you want to go for this look at home, cool vintage-inspired press-ons will work just as well!

8. Hang curtains (curtain bangs, that is)

As of this writing, the curtain style of bangs (or fringe) is being rocked at the tip-top of the A-List. Gigi Hadid, J.Lo, Ariana Grande, Kaley Cuoco, and others have adopted this low-maintenance look for themselves. This subtle but transformative hair change is easy to maintain and flattering on pretty much everyone. But if not cut right, curtain bangs can look pretty bad - so be sure to have a stylist do your first ‘do. Then you might choose to do trims yourself with the help of good old YouTube!

a brunette woman with curtain bangs looking into the camera

9. Reinvent Red Lips

a portrait of an asian woman wearing red lipstick and blue eyeshadow in front of a blue wall

Nothing is as classic as a cat-eye combined with red lips. But the alternative isn't necessarily bold eye makeup with a nude lip. What if we told you, you can rock a red lip AND a bold eye? It just depends on HOW you do it!

The trick is not to use too many shades and only those that complement your skin tone!

Why not use your lipstick as a creamy and subtle eyeshadow? Remember that monochromatic makeup look? Same idea, just more vibrant!

You can also pick a vibrant complementary color like blue! Just make sure you're not mixing warm and cool tones. An orange-red with a teal eyeliner or eyeshadow makes for a fun night out in fall! Think 90s Pop Music and that's where you'll get your ultimate inspiration!

If you're scared to go all the way with this look, try a bit of blue eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. Go for dramatic lashes instead for a stellar makeup look without the drastic commitment!

Have you tried any of these fashion and makeup trends yet? Time to become your own celebrity makeup artist!

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