Do you have more Inner or Outer Beauty?!?
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Do you have more Inner or Outer Beauty?!?

Find out if you are just plan beautiful or if there is more behind that pretty face you see everyday in the mirror...

Question 1:When you wake up every morning and look in the mirror do you think?
I look cute and natural ...Just plan me!
Who cares...
Man... I just woke up and I still look like a Hottie.

Question 2:On a normal school day what would you be caught wearing?
Whatever I could find laying on the floor.
The latest Brand Name clothes I saw in a magazine ...(Because anything less is gross)
Jeans and a cute baby Tee.( I love being prepared for anything)

Question 3:When you see a girl that is in need of a total make-over you?
Duh.. That is like totally me?!?
Make fun of her everyday... Nobody can look better than me.
Go and offer to help.. At least I can make her look a little better.

Question 4:When you enter a room full of people you've never met you?
I wouldn't even be seen entering a room full of people I've never met...I would sneak in the back.
Walk in head held high thinking ..Nobody can look or be better than me.
Watch in and find the group of people I know and feel comfortable with.

Question 5:If the new girl in school had some toilet paper hanging from her shoe you would?
Go up and transfer the toilet paper from her shoe to my shoe.
Go up and just say ... Hey you got something on your shoe.
Tell all of my popular friends and make fun of her.

Question 6:When a guy first sees you ...His first thought is:
She is Pretty and kind.(Totally Wife material)
Man ...She is Hot and totally girlfriend material.(To Mess around with)
Ewe gross .She may be nice but needs to get cleaned up.

Question 7:When it comes to inner beauty what do you think of:
Inner beauty better matter or I don't have anything.
What does inner beauty matter in you have tons of outer beauty.
Inner beauty counts for alot buts some outer beauty helps.

Question 8:When it comes to outer beauty what do you think of:
Try to make my self look as pretty as possible but that isn't all that should matter.
Nice body, Hair and Clothes.
Outer beauty what is that? Is that a Sin?

Question 9:What is your ideal hair style?
Whatever makes me look and feel comfortable and cute.
Whatever is the latest fashion. I need to look like a totally hot babe.
What's it matter about what your style is if your hair is gross anyway.(Hair isn't everything)

Question 10:If it came to picking inner or outer beauty what would you pick?
Probably Inner Beauty.. Because I have natural outer beauty.
Duh isn't it obvious...Just look at me?
Inner beauty is the only thing I can hope for...So that...

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