Do You REALLY Want to Know if You're Pretty?

Prettiness is not only determined by whether people SAY you are pretty - so take this quiz to find out if you really are. And always remember that what you've heard - beauty is only skin deep - is true. Also, this is just one person's opinion - mine - so don't take your result to heart if you don't agree with it or hate it.

  • 1
    Here I am kind of contradicting my introduction - but whether people say you're pretty IS somewhat important. Do people say you're pretty or hot?
  • 2
    Have you ever gotten a boyfriend or gone on a date? If you think people would like to go out with you, but they think you're already taken or are afraid of rejection, select True.
  • 3
    Does your crush ever make eyes at you in class? If you don't have a crush, then do guys in general?

  • 4
    If you were walking with a dude and you suddenly hit your head on a branch and dropped your backpack in a puddle of moldy yogurt, would he help you (choose True) or laugh/keep walking (choose False).
  • 5
    Have guys asked you out at least once or twice?
    Have guys asked you out at least once or twice?
  • 6
    You walk past a dude. Is he more likely to smile and raise his eyebrows (True) or cough and wave his hand around in front of his nose (False).

  • 7
    You ask your crush to dance at a school dance. If he smiles and says yes, choose True. If he sighs and says o-KAY, or says no, choose False.
  • 8
    You start dancing with your crush. Does he (True) say, "Hey, what's up?" and keep smiling at his friends and looking all giddy? Or does he (False) remain silent and roll his eyes at his nearby friends, who are lucky enough to be dancing with hot chicks?
  • 9
    Do people pet your hair and/or tell you it's soft or pretty?
  • 10
    Has a dude ever been so deeply involved in staring at you dreamily that his friend hit him and said, "Hel-LO!"

  • 11
    Do people tell you that you should be a model?
  • 12
    Your friends give your crush a note that says you want to go to the dance with him. Does he (False) point and laugh and then wrinkle his nose and go vomit in a tree? Or does he (True) sit at his table looking like he's nervous or he's lost his appetite. (Loss of appetite is a sign of being in love!)
  • 13
    It's the last day of school and you put your yearbook on your crush's desk for him to sign. Does he (False) simply sign his name or does he (True) tell you to have a great summer and to not change anything about you?
  • 14
    You see your crush at the mall over the summer, but your dumb sister is in the way so he doesn't see you. When you run after him to stalk him, and he sees you, does he (False) look annoyed or (True) go all round-eyed and terrified-looking, then smile nervously and walk away with his sister?
  • 15
    Last question, I promise! Does it ever take you more than 45 minutes to do your hair? If so, is it successful? If it is not successful, choose False.

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1884 days ago
I got ugly , gotta agree with this !
1894 days ago
i got hot, but i dont think that this quiz is accurate. my bestie aint a hottie or some beauty queen, but she still got so many guys who ask her out and blah blah blah. i personally think that i am not hot but pretty i am. and my ex crush who was my ceush last year, is a jackass. although he said i am pretty, he didnt like me that way, but he did a lot of dopish kinda stuff so you know he is a weirdo or idk. i think every girl is pretty, either it be from the outside or the inside. and trust me the questions which were asked here were wayyyyyy 2 stupid.
1898 days ago
Everyone keeps telling me. A lot of guys have a huge crush on me. But I don’t like dating people.
1898 days ago
I’m kinda offended, I got okay looking. I have been told, I look pretty. Well, some days. Also, it’s mostly from the girls. Guys don’t care how I look, well the guys in my grade...I usually wear a t-shirt, sometimes a girly top and jeans or leggings.

I personally think this quiz is way off. Even though, I’m ugly, well, I think I am. Well, I guess I’m going to be “okay looking” for the rest of my life. Before, someone suggests that, I should try a new hairstyle or makeup. I prefer looking natural. Plus, makeup hurts. I was get scared, when a girl puts makeup on, so close to their eyes! I feel like they’re going to poke their EYEBALL! Well, a hairstyle isn’t so bad, but I like to grow my hair out. I hate my hair being short, right now it’s shoulder length.

All those girls out there, that are offended like me, remember you have inside beauty! Being beautiful is not everything! Beauty is not going to get you a career in your future! What is makes you, is your inside beauty. Either you have a great sense of humor, you’re persistent, you’re ambitious, your kindness, your loyalty, and so much else! Hopefully, you didn’t take the quiz result personally. Well, cya!

~ Nobody important
1909 days ago
I put so many comments lol😂❤X
1909 days ago
I got HOT why are the smoke detectors not going off🔥🔥
1909 days ago
But still, everyone is beautiful in their own way so I don't really agree with this test❤Xx,
1909 days ago
Heyy I always though I was ugly..I always got told I was beautiful, and clearly its true(((❤
1917 days ago
15/15 I can't believe it my friends tell me I'm Beautiful but I didn't think it was true.
1918 days ago
My crush is a douche so in this test does it make me ungly because of him just smack me in the face already
1920 days ago
Certificate: Test results
Do you REALLY want to know if you're pretty?
HOT! Why isn't the smoke detector going off? Dudes
1926 days ago
It said I'm ugly :( I was so upset I cried. Why people are prettier than me? Is it because the natural at it or boys/girls prefer looks?!
1929 days ago
They say I'm hot. Maybe... I think I'm more fun and cute, though (not necessarily pretty).
1932 days ago
Yeah, this quiz is trash. My.... crush (not anymore, we're dating) is a sorta....tsundere type, for a lack of better words. Basically he yells at me daily (only because he cares about me, of course) and gets flustered easily, and basically denies any implication that he likes me despite it being very obvious. He's a real sweetheart though, despite him always making up petty excuses to help me and stuff.

Basically, his personality alone made me say no to a handful of the questions. Plus, the no's are taken to such an extreme. My man would probably turn red and call me a name, but what kind of person would wrinkle his nose and laugh at you or throw up in a trashcan just because you don't look attractive? There are some people who just look plain, and the majority of men don't make it obvious that they think you look ridiculous. You gotta have standards, please.
1939 days ago
This quiz is not accurate at all. A lot of the questions couldn't be answered with a straight yes or no because they all depended on the type of situation. I have not been to a school dance because my school hasn't had one yet and I don't even have a class with my crush and how am I supposed to know how my crush would react to me dancing with him.
1965 days ago
This quiz is sort of retarded, and is not accurate in really predicting whether someone is pretty or not. Im honestly shocked, I expected it to be better than this. Instead I got 1/15 "You're so ugly, that you can be pretty" or "It's not always a bad thing to be ugly." All because my school doesn't have a dance and i also dont even know what my crush's reaction would be to half of those questions, so i assumed the worst and clicked no for each one. ;)
1968 days ago
Hey! 100% pure "HOT"....! Oh! Really? I am shocked! Well, not shocked,..... so much as my friends tell me.. OH! GOOGLY!
1980 days ago
Y'all need to love yourself because you all are beautiful!! And I know you hear that from everyone and it does not help but you are because there is a girl out there like I wish I had her hair or I wish I had her eyes. But this will help you in life there is a guy out there for you.
1991 days ago
I got hot and beutiful, i love this quiz!! 13/15 i always feel better when i do this!!! 😘btw u guys are beutiful in ur way! Tell urself that ur beutiful and you WILL become !!!! I did this and its working I guess, be positive!
1991 days ago
Guys don’t believe this thing. You guys are beautiful the way you are!