How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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It's been said that everyone is beautiful, inside and out - but in which ways do you stand out from the crowd, looks-wise? Don't write yourself off if you don't look like a Barbie doll, or a Kardashian or a Jenner. Every girl has her own unique beauty. If you'd like to find out how much of a stunner you are, take this quiz!

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    What color eyes do you have?
    What color eyes do you have?

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4 days ago
Actually being pretty doesn't matter, its just the society making it look important which doesn't help. It makes other people feel more insecure and lose their confidence
10 days ago
No one is ugly. It is just society telling people that you’re ugly unless you have blue eyes, blonde hair, and a perfectly symmetrical face. So if someone tells you your ugly. It is not true.
21 days ago
This really brought me down, but I was never up so :)
26 days ago
thanks for bringing down peoples self esteem
32 days ago
Reading these comments actually makes me feel horrible about myself..
And I'm slowly getting an eating disorder
35 days ago
Yall are right- if you change your thing to blonde hair and blue eyes it gives you a higher score so it is kinda racist but I mean blonde hair and blue eyes is basically the beauty standard :/

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40 days ago
All of this is wrong because it not even accurate. Every girl is pretty no matter in what sizes, so this test was just stupid. (No offense)
44 days ago
I got Hello, gorgeous!
50 days ago
. You have your moments of glory, when someone will say, "Hey, nice eyes!" but you don't live for that kind of attention. You have the potential to be very attractive, but you don't put in a lot of effort. That's because while you feel looks are important, you don't think they're everything. IT IS TRUE
56 days ago
I got average jane but I somehow do not think that that is quite accurate because, not to brag but my (hazel) eyes are stunning, my relitively full lips are naturally red, my (dark brown) hair is thick and curly and I have a short but slim and curvy body. I know that I am not the prettiest ( thanks to acne) but I am no average jane either! My advise is not to take the test too seriously as it is super biased!
56 days ago
I wish everyone would stop saying that this test is racist because it is not: it is biased. Racist would be saying that having black skin makes you prettier than having white skin or that having a certain religion makes you prettier than if you had a different one. Hair colour preference is just like prefering plump lips to thin lips but no one says that that is racist.
57 days ago
I am bootifyful. I feel good.
57 days ago
wow! lately vie been called pretty and i thought id take this quiz! I have black hair and hazel eyes and my results are: You are goregous in a unique way. i was shoked xd
i always thought i was average until this.
58 days ago
Do not take this. It is racist. I put blonde instead of dark brown for my hair and my results changed!
59 days ago
guys I took this twice and changed two things, my hair colour from brown to blonde and eye colour from warm brown to blue and my results were super different this test is racist
60 days ago
I just took this twice: the only thing I changed was my hair color (from black to blond) and eye color (from dark brown to blue) and my results changed dramatically. Reminder to everyone who isn't white--this is a racist test. Do not listen to it.
62 days ago
lol i just realized i already took this quiz before and i was just like hmmmmmmm and apparently im a normal jane
66 days ago
I do not feel that pretty now :c
66 days ago
I am actually joking i got normal jane
66 days ago
I got the most beautiful girl in the world suckas!!!