Am I Pretty, Cute, Hot or Beautiful?🌻 Quiz

There are many great looks for females, and each has its own undeniable allure. Which of these are you - pretty, cute, hot or beautiful? Take this cuteness test to find out! For the most accurate result, BE HONEST! And if you don't get the exact result you wanted, that's OK - because your own unique beauty is MORE than good enough.:)

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    What color is your hair?
    What color is your hair?

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21 days ago
i got 100% hot
31 days ago
My moms friends say I’m pretty.
57 days ago
Omg! I got cute! Omgomgomg!!!! I was hoping for those results!!!!!
65 days ago
I'm Ellie and I'm 7years old
71 days ago
You guys all got cute!? I got hot🔥🔥🔥
71 days ago
I got 50% hot. Thats a little insulting...
97 days ago
People say I'm hot,there is a fat fetish at my school
97 days ago
Just so u know I’m Kitty i changed my name
103 days ago
Im cute! I thought so. I have really cute short dark brown hair. My friends say im sweet.
133 days ago
Hiya!! I got cute and I agree!! Thank you so much for the quiz :D

I appreciate it so so much :D
153 days ago
I got cute! I personally love that I got cute! This made my day!
160 days ago
Well, thanks for the quiz. Actually people often tell me I'm cute.

I really loved the quiz. Thanks once more
161 days ago
What only 50 % cute?? I am just a half cute?
181 days ago
@braid hair... why would you think your not cute and ugly? you know, people aren't always very good judges of themselves... i, for one, sometimes get called pretty and it always just leaves me sitting there confused about whether or not they were serious! even if you aren't pretty, that doesn't matter. boys SHOULD NOT like a girl for her looks or judge them. all the boys 2 years ago (grade six) at my primary school would 'rate' the girls for their looks and personalities, and it would make me feel horrible. you are beautiful inside and out!
196 days ago
I look ugly everyone knows that but my sister syas im pretty but i know im not it says im 'cute' but im probably not :(
199 days ago
Hi my name is Oanna and I'm 11 years old(
246 days ago
If you pick blue eyes and blonde hair it will most likely say you're gorgeous but i see blue eyed ppl E V E R Y W H E R E......... honestly i like brown eyes better
342 days ago
Bruh...It says I'm cute...I don't think so...My boyfriend says I'm cute too...
400 days ago
I'm cute and I look like a anime character it makes me shy😅😀 AND WHY DOES IT ALWAYS SAY I'M CUTE! maybe I really am...
442 days ago
I got cute!!🥰

Thanks for this question